Worldwide Giveaway: Win A Copy of Black Book Magazine   107 comments

***Contest over the draw will be done soon***


Giveaway #3 

You probably know how it works by now 😉

To help promote Douglas we’re holding a worldwide giveaway . We’re giving away a copy of Blackbook Magazine. 

As most of you know by now we’ve been working closely with Douglas Hamilton for over 6 months now. Douglas is a great musician, song writer and on top of it all he loves playing with cute animals. We’re trying to get Douglas’ music out there, however being an artist is quite tough when you’re not well known, as I’m sure most of you know. So for the past months you’ve probably seen the post at the top of the page referring to Douglas, we’re trying to help him kick start his career. Please help us spread the word.  With our planning (and your help) he’s currently in the Florida Keys working with dolphins. Check out all the cute dolphin pics and lion cub videos on his site here. You can also find all his music here

What does he have to do with Rob you ask? Nothing at all, we’re trying to help someone out. We think he has a lot of talent, however like I mentioned earlier it’s hard to get noticed he just needs to be heard. We think with your help we can do this! 

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

The Contest is international! 

You have until Thursday October 25 at 8:00pm EDT to enter. 

All comments will be numbered and the winners will be picked using

1) Follow him on Twitter here  2) Like his Facebook fan page here  3) Leave a comment below

More after the jump! 

Check out his website here

Please also give his new song a listen 🙂 

You can buy it on iTunes here

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107 responses to “Worldwide Giveaway: Win A Copy of Black Book Magazine

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  1. 1) Oh, boy i REALLY want this magazine!

  2. 2) done 🙂

  3. 3) Rob looks so handsome in this magazine. 🙂

  4. 4) i cant wait for this giveaway 😀

  5. 5) i do want it!! the reason, why i love this pictures of rob!! as thats why i dont have one!! its make me fell in love with rob more!! heh

  6. 6) I want this REAL bad!

  7. 7) Ohhhh, BlackrockRob! Come to mama!

  8. 8) Doug’s work is amazing and inspirational and I totally love that photoshoot of Rob! Thanks for doing the giveaways!

  9. 9) I have been following on twitter for a while now 😉

  10. 10) He has a great voice! really liked his cover of I can’t make you love me. Look forward to hearing more of his music

  11. I’m passing all your messages along to Douglas and he really appreciates them 🙂

  12. 11) I need this magazine!! Thanks for the chance to win it. I’ve been following Douglas since the first time you blogged about him 🙂 ❤

  13. 12) I think it’s amazing how you’re helping Douglas advertise! Keep up the good work with all you do! As for the mag, it’s hot, who wouldn’t want to look at it!!


  14. 13) Oh please… i want this magazine *finger crossed*

  15. 14) I ❤ Rob:)

  16. 15) Would love to have Rob but will settle for the magazine!!!

  17. 16) 😮 I love the song, I hope he has much success!

  18. 17) What a great idea!

  19. 18) I heard douglas song and he has such a beautiful voice 🙂

  20. 19) Thank you for doing this. Doug is Hot BTW. I never win but luv Rob.

  21. 20) Love this blog, Love this give-a-way and Love Douglas WOOT!!! even though i was already following him on both of the above i had a brain fart and when i went to twitter i was so geeked that i unfollowed him and then i was like OH S!!! then FOLLOWED him again LOL …. i am not dealing with a full deck here BUT at least i did follow him again 😉

  22. 21) Love the site and all the info you provide! Good luck to everyone!

  23. 22) I would give anything to have this book. I love Robert Pattinson and he OS the DECORATIVE MAN IN THE WORLD.

  24. 23) Wow it’s like Christmas in advance ! 😀 I already Follow, Like, Listen (and Share his site on my FB) Much of luck to Douglas with his artistic career, he is indeed an interesting singer-songwriter 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway, and for sharing the music.

  25. 24) Dougs song is really nice, he’s very talented. But not as hot as Rob in that magazine shoot 😛 lol

  26. 25) Awesome contest for support an awesome man 🙂

  27. 26) Done:)

  28. 27) really want this, Rob looks gorgeous!!

  29. 28) done, gosh I need that magazine, I am from Spain and it´s impossible to get it here :(.

  30. 29) I sure would like to win a copy of that magazine.

  31. I don’t have a facebook profile, can’t enter the contest :(((((

  32. 30) I really want to win!
    I hope i’ll be lucky this time. 🙂

  33. 31) Nice song *__*

    Black Book..I want it 😀

  34. 32) Oh i really want this one ❤ =)

  35. 33) thank’s for this contest 🙂

  36. 34) Beautiful song:) The Black Book would be awesome to add to my collection!

  37. 35) I search this magazine in entire Paris when i’m on vacation last month. In search in Portugal too but i’ve no luck 😦 I want this magazine so much!! Thank you for the worldwide giveaway!

  38. 36) Such a talented man. Would love to win this mag! ❤

  39. 37) Hey..I’m in! I would really want to win that magazine..unfortunately here in Italy I cant find it! This magazine in particular, I like it so much! And I am so curious to listen to this guy..Douglas..I really like new artists and talents..

  40. 38) Love it!

  41. omg i so want this

  42. 39) omg me want

  43. 40) want the magazine, cos i can’t get it here in Malaysia. also, the music’s really good. thanks! 🙂

  44. 41) oh i want this magazine ❤

  45. 42) omg i want this magazine so much

  46. 43) rob is so ashfjgah here 😀

  47. 44) I like to support talented people ! and if in the meanwhile I have a chance to win THAT MAGAZINE .. well … here I am!

  48. 45) I’ve been following him since few weeks now, seriously his charm. ❤

    Anyway, would love to win this one! Hope my luck helps me this time. 🙂

  49. 46) LOVE LOVE LOVE this magazine! *-*

  50. 47) i really need to win!!! 😉

  51. 48) I hope to win.
    good song. good initiative. good gift

  52. 49) Doug is very cute and talented. Thanks Thinking of Rob for helping to promote him.

  53. 50) Wow.. Rob looks so handsome *.*

  54. 51) Done!! 😀 Quiero esa revista!

  55. 52) Done and crossing fingers!

  56. 53) Fantastic idea … Douglas Hamilton deserves to be helped.

    I loved having the magazine!

    Robert Love 🙂

  57. 54) I think it’s really nice of you to help Douglas like you do. I hope this will help him get his music out there.
    Good luck 🙂

  58. 55) it´s amazing your way to promote douglas….really because i love robert 😉

  59. 56) Oh yes please

  60. 57) LOVE this magazine…. here in Italy I cant find it! i hope to win!!!!

  61. 58) Thanks for your awesome giveaways, ToR. I would love to win this amazing magazine 🙂

  62. 59) I hope i can get this magazine 🙂

  63. 60) I reaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyyy want to win, at least this time!!!

    Dana Alexandra Chis
  64. 61) Thanks for this opportunity. xx

  65. 62) COOL!

  66. 63) Douglas’ voice is amazing! And the work he does w/ animals warms my heart. Great contest… again! 🙂

  67. 64) That pic is so adorable. ❤ I'd love a copy of Blackbook Magazine.

  68. 65) Done everything:D

  69. 66) He’s adorable and his music is beautiful ❤

  70. 67) I’m an animal lover and music lover and of course a Rob lover!!!! 😀

  71. 68) you have an ingenious way of promoting him.
    good for you, he has talent

  72. 69) I just listened to the song and it’s amazing! I’ve downloaded it ad will probably be listening to it on repeat :’) And the Rob magazine is ASDFGHJKL BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I’ve been looking for one for weeks :’)

  73. 70) Hope I get lucky this time. 😉

  74. 71) omg i want one!

  75. 72) One of Rob’s best photoshoots! ♥

  76. 73) LOVE TO WIN THIS! 😀

  77. 74) Damn.. I want it.. 🙂

  78. 75) Everything done 🙂

  79. 76) I’ve been following Douglas for awhile now and enjoy his pictures of him with the animals. I think it’s great that you are helping promote him and his work.

    Also, got my fingers crossed to win this magazine. 🙂

  80. 77) I really like Douglas ! Plus I live in France so I can’t find the magazine here. Finger crossed !

  81. 78) Done thank you for this contest 🙂

  82. 79) Done! 😀 Oh he really has talent, mh and it’s a good way to promoting 🙂 btw I’m Italian so it’s impossible to me get a copy of BB magazine, i hope so!!

  83. 80) Another great give a way. Thanks for the chance.

  84. 81) well it’s Doug… and Rob 🙂 another chance to take home something cute

  85. 82) 🙂 Thanks for organising this giveaway!

  86. 83) I really want to win! Greetings from Germany 😉 ~Francine

  87. 84) Fingers crossed xx Thanks for the opportunity

  88. 85) Done 🙂 LOVE this PHOTOSHOOT

    Carolina Stewart Pattinson
  89. 86) Done ! Thanks for the contest & nice song ! 🙂

  90. 87) Italy wants BlackBook!!!! very nice song..congrats!!! 🙂

  91. 88) Just saw the ‘lion hugs’ vid. It’s amazing! I like his music too. Btw my cat did the same thing (always going for the ears) when he was little and he sucked on them. I guess the cubs consider Douglas their ‘mama’.. 😉

  92. 89) Love the Blackbook Photoshoot x

  93. 90) The video with the little lions is really sweet, they look like my cat XD
    “I’m the light when it’s dark
    I’m the knight in your dreams
    I’m your smile, your tears, your laugh
    I’ll be anything you want from me.
    I’m the beat of your heart
    And I’m the air that you breath
    I’m your sun, your moon, your stars
    I’ll be anything you want from me…”
    Is really lovely
    Good luck!

  94. 91) Ok, I was lost in the music and I forgot to write the number in the comment XD

  95. 92) He sounds good omg. Fingers crossed for me. 😀

  96. 93) Great contest! Thank you!!!

  97. 94) Hmmmmmmmmmmm nice and crossing fingers

  98. 95) really like it

  99. 96) I WANT This magazine Please! But the way  Douglas Hamilton is so handsome!

  100. 97) I just want to say that I absolutely love Douglas Hamilton! His music is beautiful as well as his voice and lyrics. His photos with the dolphins always put a smile on my face. He was the very first and only person who ever took the timed to tweet to me. He’s truely an inspiration. I love you Douglas! I tweeted, fb, and sent personal txt to my contacts. I hope I’ve helped ur dream come along…

  101. 98) I love this photoshoot *-*

  102. 99) this is probably my fave rob photoshoot ever

  103. 100) Would love to win this magazine. I am a big fan of Robert Pattinson.

  104. I want that mag in mah life!! *-*

    Sorry the contest was over when this entry was made

  105. It’s too late for me to enter but I’ll support him anyway! 🙂

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