Preview of Rob and Kristen’s Interview to Ciak Magazine (Translation)   Leave a comment

Transation thanks to Robert Pattinson Moms

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson say goodbye to the saga ‘Twilight’. “Now there is no ‘more’ stress: Bella does not belong to me and I don’t belong to her anymore,” said Stewart to Ciak magazine (directed by Piera Detassis), on italian newsstands this week. Although she added: “In reality ‘ I never really say goodbye to my characters I take them all inside of me. Her relationship with Bella was more ‘long and complex,’ cause I lived with no other character than her for five years” . And about her role in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′, the actress adds: “It ‘s as I expected her to be from the first movie. I Could stand no more’ to watch others as they faced the dangers. Bella now is ’powerful and brave. Perhaps the spectators will identify less with her, but for me it ‘was more’ fun. ” And Robert Pattinson would play in another film in the series? “Only if Stephanie Meyer write it – he answers – But at this point I wonder what would happen differently? Maybe if Edward becomes a bad guy? Now, that would be the news …”.

Pattinson takes his stock of the past five years: “A revolution: I never thought I’d get this type of career, neither to live in America. The bad side : It would have been better if it had happened ten years ago, before the era of pictures from the phone and Twitter. you can not even do fights,just saying, or even raising your voice, ’cause everything is likely to be reflected also at your work. “

Source (in Italian) | via RPLife

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