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Robert Pattinson in Junior Screen Magazine – Japan   3 comments

Source: Robert Pattinson Press Japan | via PattyStewBoneCity

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Pia Magazine – Japan   3 comments


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Premiere: The Movies From 2012 in Six Minutes – Featuring Cosmopolis and Bel Ami   1 comment

From Premiere (Translation by us):

If you feel like you’ve missed something in 2012, this video will surely show you what. The end of the year rings with round-ups and this one in images and music, shows that 2012 was good year for movies of all genres. 

The author is a young college student who spent two months assembling 200 movies that came out this year in the US (The Untouchables for example) putting emphasis on emotion despite the presence of comedies and action flicks. 

The complete list of movies that made the final cut can be found here. If you think there are any missing you can compliment it with another supercut published ten days ago. 


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