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New/Old Pics of Robert Pattinson at the LACMA 2012 Gala   2 comments


New/old pictures of Robert Pattinson at the LACMA 2012 Art + Film Gala (October 27, 2012).

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Giveaway: Win a Cosmopolis, Little Ashes & The Haunted Airman DVD Prize Pack   104 comments

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We are happy to be hosting the first of three giveaway packs courtesy of Entertainment One . The pack includes the following DVDs: Cosmopolis, The Haunted Airman, and Little Ashes, as well as a Cosmopolis poster (12×18) and  a The Haunted Airman poster (18×24).  

To enter just leave a comment below. We will number the comments and pick a winner using You have until tomorrow December 16th at 8pm EST to enter. One entry per person please. 

This giveaway is for the US only. 

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Cosmopolis included in Criterion’s Corner ‘The Best Films of 2012: A Video Countdown’   1 comment

Cosmopolis is one of ‘Criterion’s Corner’ best movies of 2012

[vimeo 55071466]


It was an amazing year at the movies. This video countdown represents my favorite 25 films of 2012 (including big-budget, non-Criterion releases and a few red herrings thrown into the intro sequence just to mess with you — come back soon for my list of the year’s best Criterion Collection releases). I was super-aggressive this year about seeing everything that I possibly could, so admittedly this list is all over the place, ranging from massive blockbusters to festival favorites and a tiny no-budget masterpiece that you can stream for free on Vimeo (link below). I tried my best to play fair and really stick to movies that played/are playing/will play in American movie theaters at some point during this calendar year, but at the end of the day I can’t resist taking a Walter White approach to these things: “I’m the one who lists.” I get to bend the rules a little bit if and when I feel like it. Two films in my top 10, for example, won’t be hitting theaters until the spring, but I just couldn’t wait, and I’m eager to help get people excited for them while I can. Likewise, stick around for the title card at the end, which mentions a bunch of incredible “2012” films that I over-excitedly included on last year’s countdown.

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New Breaking Dawn: Part II Still   1 comment


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Scoot McNairy mentions Robert Pattinson and ‘The Rover’ in an interview with Moviefone   5 comments


From Moviefone

So what’s next for you?

I work with David Michod, who did Animal Kingdom and is really close friends with Andrew Dominik. It’s with Guy Pearce and Rob Pattinson. It’s called The Rover.

Is it going to be as intense as Animal Kingdom

You know, I don’t know the direction in which David’s taking it, but it’s a futuristic western that takes place in the Australian Outback.

Can you talk about the character you play?

I play Rob’s brother. If I say anything else about  it, it gives it all away.

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HD videos from the Berlin press conference and inside the theater at the premiere   Leave a comment

HD video of the press conference

[vimeo 54409197]

HD video from inside the theater at the Premiere

[vimeo 53930349]

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Scans and Rob interview with Seventeen Magazine – Latin America   Leave a comment

Do Taylor and you learn to love each other in this movie?

Sure! I give him my daughter! That’s love. You could even say this entire thing is a love story between Edward and Jacob.

What’s your favorite memory of this experience?

One time Peter stole a bike, it was hilarious! Or when we filmed in Brazil, it was like saying “We’ve done this for years and now we’re in Brazil,” Kristen and I were wearing bathing suits in front of 6,000 Brazilians with water guns and cameras.

What was happening?

We were filming in the jungle, we had to make out and pretend we were in a waterfall.

How do you deal with the paparazzi and the madness that follows you everywhere?

You learn to live with it. If you look at the cameras, the flashes blind you. You can’t even smile around these people.

This success came over too fast, did it make you grow up faster than people your age?

When you’re making movies like these, and there’s people waiting for you outside your hotels, you’re living a very unusual life. You’re actually scared of not being a normal person because you don’t get to meet new people very often. I don’t know if I’m growing faster than people my age. I don’t feel different than my friends. I’m just myself.

Do you believe in the power of love, a love that lasts a lifetime like in the movies?

Definitely, yes. It sounds cheesy, but I see it with my parents. My dad met my mom when she was 17 and they’re still happily together.

That’s not cheesy.

No, it’s rather cute, especially when most of the kids at my school had parents going through divorces. So it was great seeing my parents sticking together.

Do you ever get privacy anymore?

I can manage in London, actually. It’s so different. In America it’s much harder.

What’s been your biggest lesson so far? Has something happened that made you change the way you see things forever?

I believe in keeping your family and friends close, because they’ll treat you the same no matter what. Real relationships are not affected by whatever happens in life. Knowing that you’ll always keep something special no matter what happens is something that has made an impact in my life. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve received in life.

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