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Here’s the monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr.


“People just assume you can bring women in so that they give you roles where he’s the romantic hero, which I don’t think I can do particularly. I didn’t think I could do before Twilight, and I still don’t really see myself that way.”

-Robert Pattinson, Empire Online, 2012

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“You know, seriously, I just never thought I’d have that kind of effect on anyone and I still don’t really understand it.” -Robert Pattinson – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“I’ll be very glad not to put those contacts in anymore or have to put on the sparkling makeup, but I will really miss the character. I do love the guy. I feel like I know him pretty well now.” -Robert Pattinson – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“I was in New Mexico doing a road trip across the States with my friends. I didn’t get recognised at first, but then a woman recognised one of my friends because he was next to me in a paparazzi picture – from two years before.
Literally, we were in the middle of nowhere and this woman turns around and screams, ‘aren’t you Robert Pattinson’s friends?’ Then her head turned again and she looked at me. She was in shock. This took place at a fairground outside of nowhere and I thought we’d have to find her an ambulance, which wouldn’t have been easy.” -Robert Pattinson – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“Becoming ‘in demand’ quickly affords you the opportunities to work with people who are far more experienced than you. I think you need to take those opportunities and not always try to shoulder the entire burden of a movie. In order to do that, you need to be mindful not to let your ego get ahead of you.” -Robert Pattinson – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“Well, if I had come out to LA, not got a job and had to go back to London, it would have pissed me off. I wouldn’t have liked that, but I mean, this is extreme.” -Robert Pattinson (if he would go back in time and not taken the role of Edward) – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“They’re like, ‘yeah, I deserve everything I’ve got’. For me, I literally took a step in one direction, not knowing what I was doing at all. It just happened. So I can’t really claim anything.” -Robert Pattinson – New Zealand Herald, 2011

“Whenever I’m driving through the countryside in America and just see flat land going for ages and ages and tiny little towns with their little gas station and stuff. That’s what my idea of America is.” -Robert Pattinson –, 2011

“I like the idea of romanticizing America because England in the ’30s, there’s nothing I particularly want to romanticize. There’s something about America at that point in time that seems very symbolic of hope for some reason.” -Robert Pattinson,, 2011

“My sisters were abusive – they used to give me a pony tail! They don’t see me as a heartthrob and say if I hadn’t discovered hair gel I was just the tall guy that got to buy alcohol for them.” -Robert Pattinson – Graham Norton Show, 2011

“Everyone always talks about, “Never work with children and never work with animals,” but I just found that it’s always been a part of me. I enjoy working with children and animals more than adults the majority of the time because they’re a constant source of inspiration because they’re just doing their own thing. They don’t know they’re in a movie.” -Robert Pattinson,, 2011

“We were shooting out in the middle of the desert and everything was in this authentic ’30s circus tent and there was hardly any kind of modern day film equipment anywhere. You could really believe that you’re in the ’30s. There was just something about the way the light comes through the tent.” -Robert Pattinson –, 2011

“I think I have a much more simplistic reaction with fans – they like screaming. There is an overwhelming amount of energy, they’ve only got one thing to say and its screaming – it’s really powerful.” -Robert Pattinson – Graham Norton Show, 2011

“When I first met Francis, we met at the elephant sanctuary where Tai the elephant lived. I got along with him really, really well in the car. We arrived at this place, met the elephant and he was showing us all the tricks that it was going to do in the movie—it was such an incredible day and just the environment of being around elephants was the first major thing. I loved the idea of working on such a peaceful set because just being around them is incredibly peaceful.” -Robert Pattinson –, 2011

“I am continually saying the wrong thing and it’s come back to haunt me, especially as I am now sitting next to the other best actor I have ever worked with.” -Robert Pattinson (about Reese Witherspoon) – Graham Norton Show, 2011

“I was doing a movie in Spain and at the time only had one fan. She was hanging around outside my apartment for ages so I invited her out for dinner. She took me to her parents’ restaurant, which was miles away and I had to pay for a taxi, we had disgusting food and I had to pay for the meal. She never came back again… it was the strangest thing.” -Robert Pattinson – Graham Norton Show, 2011

“When you do a big franchise movie, there’s a ton of pressure on you that’s really nothing to do with the job at all. “You have to adapt to an entirely different world, rather than just try to get better at acting and do better within your movies. As soon as you become famous, your movies and your life become one and the same in the eyes of the public in a lot of ways.” -Robert Pattinson – Fox news, 2012

“I don’t like people thinking that they know me. You do all you can to surprise people. And hopefully some people will find that interesting.” -Robert Pattinson – USA Today

“I’m kind of getting older. People aren’t thinking of me as a kid anymore, so I’ve got to stop behaving like one.” -Robert Pattinson – Fox News, 2012

“When I first went to LA it was very easy to convince people I was a member of the royal family. I told people I went to RADA with Prince William. People would think, ‘You’re English, I completely believe you.” -Robert Pattinson – Graham Norton Show, 2011

“It’s annoying, like, trying to find somewhere to live, because you are literally thinking about things like you are a fugitive, or a CIA undercover operative or something; you are genuinely worried about spies. Trying to find a house, you’re like ‘What’s the street parking like? Can people see in? I can’t have people park outside!’. You can’t have anyone cleaning your place, and you have to worry about your guests and stuff just in case someone talks about where you live. It’s crazy.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“I still write a lot. I would love to be able to do gigs again, but it just seems weird, I don’t know. The best thing about playing music live is that you go in and people are sitting there waiting for something to to happen, whereas now I walk into a room and most people are either expecting something or they want to shit on it. As soon as you walk in you can feel the energy, so it kind of affects the performance, it doesn’t make it so enjoyable.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“The annoying thing about him [Edward] is that that the fans’ perception of him is that he’s this perfect guy, but whenever I read the books, he doesn’t seem like the perfect guy at all. I wanted to play his flaws, but then you have this subliminal idea coming from everywhere saying: “No, he’s got to be perfect!” but you can’t play perfect! Perfect is someone with loads of flaws, and then you stuck in this funny little loop. But it was interesting playing this one because I really didn’t like a lot of Edward’s actions in Breaking Dawn, and it’s nice to play actions where you think: “Oh, he’s doing the wrong thing.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“I like babies, I like doing the scenes with babies. There were quite a lot of them as well, so that was fun.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“Sometimes we would switch between the two movies during one day, and it’s a completely different mentality from the first one to the second one. So it was kind of complicated.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“One of the main things, which obviously the books did but the movies helped, was just getting young people reading again. Harry Potter started this thing, but anything which gets kids reading, it helps. As soon as you start reading one series then you start reading a bunch of other stuff.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“Before I even wanted to become an actor I was obsessed with Jack Nicholson. I never even thought of being an actor, but I used to watch his movies and literally copy his clothes. I used to buy all these movies and I never put two-and-two together that I wanted to act.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“Most actors encourage the attention because they think it will make them have a more lasting career, but I don’t think that’s the case. The more of yourself you reveal, the less interesting people find you. Mystery lasts a lot longer.” -Robert Pattinson – Edingburgh Evening Standard, 2011

“Because we are all vampires we don’t do anything, you don’t fidget, you don’t put your hands in your pockets, you never do anything! You have nothing to do all day, so it’s very difficult to think, “How do I do this scene without just standing here?” And as soon as you have a baby involved, you have to respond. Everyone suddenly just breaks all of their standards.” -Robert Pattinson – Empire Online, 2012

“I like working all the time. I spent so many years before Twilight just working for two to three months and then doing nothing or these tiny jobs for the rest of the year. That’s the hardest thing to deal with. You’re like, ‘Ok, I’ll just go get drunk again’” -Robert Pattinson – Edingburgh Evening Standard, 2011

“I think it’s a fairly traditional romance. I have never understood the fascination with vampires though. I mean, people are obsessed and I don’t know why. I know the history of it; I find it interesting to think there are true stories of things in, say, Romania.”

“I just have to remember that it is all a job and that the craziness, as overwhelming as it seems sometimes, won’t last forever.” -Robert Pattinson – Edingburgh Evening News, 2011

“You never really think about the reality of what people’s expectations are, you just try and make it good. And if you like it, then hopefully other people will like it.” -Robert Pattinson – Edinghburgh Evening Standard, 2011

“The thing that drives me crazy is if people follow you when you leave the building. As soon as I lose those people, I’m fine.” -Robert Pattinson – Edingburgh Evening News, 2011

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  1. Thanks so much for compiling this each month (or so). So interesting to get insight into what Rob is thinking. The pretty pictures don’t hurt either!

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