Wallpaper overview: 500+ Robert Pattinson Wallpapers by @DreamySim1   8 comments

FP thought it would be a good idea to make an overview post of all of the Robert Pattinson wallpapers I made. I started counting…. and came up with 420 wallpapers…. that’s NOT even counting the special editions I made for premieres (which some of them got signed btw!) So…. enjoy! It might take a while before they’re all loaded! Oh and scroll down under the 400+ ones to see some (90+) special ones 😉


500+ more after the jump!

Some special editions…. I’m sure I’m missing some but this is what I could find right now 😉



8 responses to “Wallpaper overview: 500+ Robert Pattinson Wallpapers by @DreamySim1

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  1. woooow

  2. This is awesome. I have many of these, thanks to you. You do an amazing job. They rotate as my wallpaper. Love seeing these all in one place. Can’t ever get enough of Rob !
    Show him at the April 17 premiere in NYC!! One word—Gorgeous!!!

  3. Amei todos os tons, apaixonante.

    conceio Quirino
  4. Wow!! Love all of them. Thank you. 🙂

    Kellie Robsessed
  5. WOW, these are absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much.

  6. Oh DreamySim, I can guarantee that I have used all of them too over the years. 😉
    So talented.

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