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Wallpaper overview: 500+ Robert Pattinson Wallpapers by @DreamySim1   8 comments

FP thought it would be a good idea to make an overview post of all of the Robert Pattinson wallpapers I made. I started counting…. and came up with 420 wallpapers…. that’s NOT even counting the special editions I made for premieres (which some of them got signed btw!) So…. enjoy! It might take a while before they’re all loaded! Oh and scroll down under the 400+ ones to see some (90+) special ones 😉


500+ more after the jump!

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Loads of Robert Pattinson Pic Edits From the Set of Remember Me Made by @FPontheDL   6 comments

Guys, I am so excited, it’s not even funny. About 2 years ago my computer simply decided to die. With it went all my pics and all my edits. We bought a new computer, but the man in this house did not want to open the tower to put the old hard drive in it because it was still under warranty and we couldn’t put it in an external box. Back to square one, I started doing new edits and so on and forgot about it over the past two years. 

Last night the other ToR girls reminded me of it and I was finally able to put the old hard drive in the new computer. Now all my pics and edits back! In honour of this, I’m posting loads of Remember Me edits that I’ve made. Some of you might have seen these, some of you might not. I hope you’ll enjoy! I’ll make another post with edits soon. 

Robert Pattinson on location with "Remember Me" in NYC

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Flashback Pic Post: Old Pics of Robert Pattinson – Part I   9 comments

I’ve been digging around my harddrive and stumbled over loads of old pics of Robert Pattinson which I wanted to share with you guys. Some of them you might have seen, some of them you might not. Enjoy! 


More after the jump! 

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