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Great Robert Pattinson Pics Edits Made by @FmeRob   2 comments

Here are some great Robert Pattinson pic edits and GIFs made by Fmerob Make sure to check out her Tumblr account here


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We’ve Been Quiet, But We’re Back!   14 comments


Over the past while it’s been pretty quiet here at Thinking of Rob. The main reason is that we’ve all been so busy with work and real life. However we’re trying to switch things around to make this place more active! We’re thinking up ideas of things we’ll be posting. As we don’t post anything on Rob’s personal life or pap pics that aren’t on-set it can get very quiet sometimes. 

That won’t change, but we’ll try to spice things up a bit! We miss you guys! If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see us post please feel free to leave us suggestions in the comments! We’ve always posted a lot of fan art as well so feel free to email us wallpapers, edits, etc… 

The ToR girls


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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson in Cannes Last Year   4 comments

One year ago today Robert Pattinson was in Cannes to promote Cosmopolis. Here’s a flashback pic post of him in Cannes. I love the chemistry between Rob and David Cronenberg. Enjoy!


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Poll of the Day: What Upcoming Rob Movie Are You Most Looking Forward To Seeing?   1 comment


We were having a discussion this morning regarding Rob’s upcoming movies and the ones we wanted to see the most. So we decided to ask you guys which movie you’re most looking forward to seeing. Feel free to to tell us why in the comments! We love reading what you guys have to say.