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New/Old BTS Picture of Robert Pattinson and Giamatti at the Cannes Film Festival   Leave a comment

Caitlin Cronenberg shared this BTS pic of Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti before the ‘Cosmopolis’ premiere at the Cannes Film Festival



Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson in Cannes Last Year   4 comments

One year ago today Robert Pattinson was in Cannes to promote Cosmopolis. Here’s a flashback pic post of him in Cannes. I love the chemistry between Rob and David Cronenberg. Enjoy!


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Paul Giamatti talks Robert Pattinson with Film School Rejects & IndieWire   Leave a comment

Here’s what actor Paul Giamatti had to say about working with David Cronenberg, the film’s straight-faced wackiness, and why he won’t tell you what the towel means:

The tone of Cosmopolis is this very straight-faced, serious type of wacky. How did Cronenberg describe the tone to you?
You know, he didn’t, in a lot of ways. I think he just trusted we’d get a sense of it. Even though the dialogue is very odd, you know what his sensibility is anyway, so you kind of know what the tone is. I did something I don’t normally do on a movie…I just came in at the end, after they shot most of the movie, and I asked David if I could watch the footage, because I wanted to see the tone of the movie and what Rob looked like, talked like, and moved like. I felt it was something I needed to see, because I’m playing a guy who always has a fantasy of him in his head. I did ask to see the footage for exactly what you just said: it’s an odd tone. I wanted to just watch some of it, so I could see how I could fit into it and, in some ways, veer off of it.
It is similar to a few of his previous film in how abstract the story can be at times. When you get a script this dense and full of symbolism, do you try to apply meaning to everything or do you just go with it?
In this instance, with this script, I read this whole script many, many times. I usually do that anyway, but, on this, it felt essential for me to read it a bunch of times. It wasn’t about just concentrating on my stuff, partially because it was so interesting. I just had such a good time reading it and thinking about it. Like you said, there’s a tonal thing, and I needed to have a sense of that in my head. I also feel like the character has a real awareness of Rob’s character, so I felt like I needed to know Rob’s character. Certainly, in my scenes, it all had to make crystal sense to me [Laughs].
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*Video* Paul Giamatti Talks About Working With Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Here’s a video of Paul Giamatti talking about working with Robert Pattinson. 

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NEW ‘Cosmopolis’ Clip with Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti – Eric meets Benno   1 comment


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Paul Giamatti Speaks About Robert Pattinson With Good Morning America + New Cosmopolis Clip   Leave a comment

Here’s a video of Paul Giamatti speaking about Robert Pattinson on Good Morning America. He speaks about Rob at 2:15 and the new Cosmopolis clip is at 1:28

 You can also watch it by clicking here

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Great New ‘Cosmopolis’ Still With Rob and Paul Giamatti   Leave a comment


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*VIDEOS* Full Robert Pattinson and cast interviews with George Stroumboulopoulos   1 comment

we’ve posted videos about it before HERE but some got pulled so here’s a new link:

Full interview:

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New Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and Paul Giamatti Interview with The Movie Network – Toronto Press Junket   Leave a comment

Here’s a new interview with Rob, David Cronenberg and Paul Giamatti from Toronto Press Junket. The video can be watched only in Canada, we’ll add youtube video as soon as possible. *UPDATE* Youtube added

Click here to watch the video

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Old Cosmopolis Still, Now Bigger and Uncropped   Leave a comment

Older Cosmopolis still, larger and uncut, featuring Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti

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