Monthly Roundup of Robert Pattinson Pics and Quotes of the Day – Part I   5 comments

Here’s the monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr. I’ll be posting it in two posts. One today and one tomorrow because I’ve been slacking a bit lately and I just realized I’m two months behind…Oops, sorry guys. 


“I’m kind of getting older. People aren’t thinking of me as a kid anymore, so I’ve got to stop behaving like one.”

-Robert Pattinson

Cannes Film Festival, 2012

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I guess my actual life hasn’t changed that much – it’s busier. The only time I found it really difficult to cope was when I tried to go to the same places I went to before, and live exactly the same life, and it’s impossible. But life changes and you have to adapt to that. You can either let yourself go completely insane or just deal with it. My family and friends haven’t been any different the entire time. It’s lucky that I didn’t do too much beforehand.”- Robert Pattinson – Edingburgh Evening Standard, 2011

“I’m unbearably self-conscious about stuff.” -Robert Pattinson (Vanity Fair 2009)

“If you’re trying to sell a movie or a project to a studio and you imply for one second that you’re an artist, you’re out the door.” -Robert Pattinson (Entertainment Weekly 2011)

“You try to say hello to everyone and hopefully they’ll be satisfied with that.” -Robert Pattinson (Berlin Breaking Dawn part 1 Press Junket)

“He came around and visited with each of us individually when the script wasn’t even finished, and he just wanted our notes for it. Which is nice, especially for a big studio movie. That normally doesn’t happen.” -Robert Pattinson (about Bill Condon – LA Daily News 2011)

“I do not know. It’s funny because I’m a little anti-sagas, I like to support small projects. Although perhaps a bit unfortunate to say, I think these tapes if I would like because they have something different and strange. Although I am not sure I understand why everyone goes crazy for them.” -Robert Pattinson (if he’d be a fan of the Twilight movies – Tu Magazine 2011)

“I am still trying to find out what exactly happened to me, and what to do with it all. In any case I am not going to hang out and relax on the beach because I have enough money now. Quite the contrary. My ambition has only grown.” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview, 2011

“If you derive from the security view of the general public, you’re digging your own grave. Online numerous people are already doing their best to bring me down.” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview 2011

“People often ask me if I recognize myself in Edward Cullen (Twilight protagonist of the series), they’re referring to ”Edward who is so perfect”. While all I see is a guy who has become prey of doubt and loathing. He hates himself. But then I think maybe that’s just all my own negative projection…” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview 2011

“That’s what my parents get mad about as well. In their eyes I should be happy with what I have accomplished. But I will never think that my success has something to do with my personal accomplishments. It was pure luck, and it just happened to me.” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview, 2011

“In public, I hardly ever show feelings. That’s what happens when everything you do is put under a magnifying glass. But if you’ve spent some time hiding behind your public mask, and you’re back in your own environment, then all that suppressed emotions still has to be set loose. As a result you are going to behave like a nutcase. I think thats why so many people who are famous go nuts.” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview 2011

“Sex on a film set is by definition stupid. And on top of that you just know that in this case all the fans have formed their own idea about that scene. So you need to live up to it somewhat. But meanwhile everyone is on all over it, because it cannot be too realistic in relation to the low age of the cinema audience. I’ve never been on a filmset and been told by so many people how to behave in bed!” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview, 2011

“If I give someone my number, and the person did not call back. Then I can trust that person. And the one who’s calling me the next day, I never want to talk to anymore! (bursts into laughter)” -Robert Pattinson (about who to trust – Welt Online Germany 2011)

“The further south you go on the globe, the more intense it becomes. In Brazil, everyone wants to touch and hug you, and so they’re all storming at you by the hundreds, without realizing how frightening that is. Especially if you’re a loner by nature, like me.” -Robert Pattinson – Mikrogids interview 2011

“Embarrassingly, taking my shirt off. So much of the books are about Edward”s body… I’ve managed to avoid it in the films though it’s in every three pages in the books.” -Robert Pattinson (When asked what scenes he was most nervous about filming for Breaking Dawn)

“I had no idea how I was going to play it…. I was scared at first, mainly because I could interpret the script and play it so many different ways….” -Robert Pattinson – Cosmopolis Press kit, 2012

“When the whole world is watch­ing you, they cre­ate sto­ries and give you labels that have noth­ing to do with you. It’s almost impos­si­ble for you not to explode!” -Robert Pattinson

“There’s no point in being scared of just trying. The worst that can happen is just failure, right?” -Robert Pattinson – Cannes Film Festival, 2012

“I’ve never really taken myself seriously as an actor” -Robert Pattinson – The Guardian UK, 2012

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  1. This guy is superb! Just love him&his quotes. X

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  4. He is such a deep thinker, without even realizing it he utters profundities!

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