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Here’s part II of our  monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr. In case you missed part I that we posted yesterday you can check it out here


When you get some kind of success quite quickly you have to pay for it somehow, pay your dues and stuff.

-Robert Pattinson 

Totalfilm, 2012

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“I don’t like people thinking that they know me. You do all you can to surprise people. And hopefully some people will find that interesting.” -Robert Pattinson – USA Today, 2012

“As an actor, if you are invited to Cannes, you see yourself in a different light. Maybe I can make really cool movies.” -Robert Pattinson – DAPD news Germany, 2012

“If you shoot a movie you don’t really like, you feel yourself just a little like a prostitute.” -Robert Pattinson, DAPD News Germany, 2012

“I’m always very inhibited, because I’m English.” -Robert Pattinson, DAPD News Germany, 2012

“I have now signed up for many projects that last year I would have thought that I wasn’t good enough for them as an actor.” -Robert Pattinson – DAPD news Germany, 2012

“There’s a place to eat, shawarmas in Vancouver. It’s incredibly good, it’s something I’m going to miss, and the worst thing is that I don’t even know where it is because, there was always other people who brought the food [laughs].” -Robert Pattinson (Tu Chile 2012)

“Everyone else always feels so comfortable in their own skin on sex scenes. I’m the one that falls into a panic.” -Robert Pattinson, DAPD News Germany, 2012

“I was raised in a house full of women, who are all very strong… if you only have sisters and you are the smallest you’ll always end up in minority.” -Robert Pattinson (Tu Chile 2012)

“I’m learning how to read tonight.” -Robert Pattinson (ELLE’s 19th Annual Women In Hollywood Celebration 2012)

“I knew it was really good but I was terrified of even calling. Actors are always trained to bullshit, even if you hate something. And I had nothing to say, at all. Because David did the script he obviously knows what it’s about. As soon as I said, ‘I don’t know what it’s about,’ and he said, ‘Me neither.’ Then I spent a week trying to figure out how to get out of it, where I got to the point where I was going to have to call up and say, ‘I’m too scared because I don’t think I’m a good enough actor and I’m a pussy.’ I didn’t want to have that conversation.” -Robert Pattinson (On Cosmopolis)

“I always find the best scripts have been written with people in mind, but I don’t really know who I am yet in terms of cinema.” -Robert Pattinson (Sunday Times interview)

“It looks like spiders have written it.” -Robert Pattinson (about his writing – Vanity Fair 2011)

“Just over the years all the kind of crazyness is massively overwhelming.” Robert Pattinson – Breaking Dawn part II press conference, Madrid 2012

“I want to experience one day as a woman.” -Robert Pattinson (when asked what’s on his bucket list if he has one) – MSN Entertainment interview, 2012

“The fan event in Munich was surreal, I had no idea what it meant to be an actor.” -Robert Pattinson – Press Conference Berlin, Breaking Dawn part II – 2012

“I would prefer fictional women (laughs)” -Robert Pattinson (when asked if he preferred movie or book) – Breaking Dawn part II Press conference Madrid, 2012

“There is a devotional aspect to the specific twilight fans. After the 1st one it makes you feel what you are doing is more important. It has created a sense of responsibility/duty. I did not realize that existed until shooting the 2nd one with fans showing up on set.” Robert Pattinson – Breaking Dawn Part II Press Conference, Madrid 2012

“I’d go around pulling down people’s pants [laughs]” -Robert Pattinson (when asked what he would do when he could be invisible at the red carpet) – Live interview MSN entertainment, 2012

“I don’t think I’ve been more afraid in my whole career than I was sitting in the Limo for the first camera test.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“When people saw the film in Cannes, hardly anyone was laughing and I was like… hey I thought this was funny.” -Robert Pattinson (about Cosmopolis) – Curzon Mayfair Q&A london, 2012

“I just spent the whole movie in a perpetual terror.” -Robert Pattinson (about filming Cosmopolis with such an amazing cast) – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“I was in Cannes just to promote it and I felt like I was piggybacking a little on the credibility of the festival. I felt like an imposter. To have a film in Cannes much sooner than I ever thought it was amazing yeah.” — Robert Pattinson – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“With awkward stuff it’s like none of it is awkward if you feel like it’s going to be good afterwards. Once you get to a certain point you think that it’s going to be good. You just trust and then it doesn’t feel awkward. Besides I’ve done way more awkward stuff in my real life!” -Robert Pattinson – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“Bel Ami I read it after the first Twilight and liked it then. I thought it was kind of funny; it’s the only job I’ve ever done where I’ve been worried about the audience perception.” -Robert Pattinson – Curzon Mayfair Q&A in London, 2012

“I don’t like repeating myself or other people.” -Robert Pattinson – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“In this you start having a relationship with a camera, which is just an inanimate object. It’s really odd.” Robert Pattinson (about filming Cosmopolis) – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“I really like the idea of people getting frightened of me.” -Robert Pattinson (when asked what kind of roles he’d prefer) – Curzon Mayfair Q&A London, 2012

“There’s a wildness to it. I think that’s why I like that period. After that, it’s just white picket fences. It just gets progressively more boring. But, it’s the end of the Wild West. It’s why kids still want to be cowboys, even in England.” -Robert Pattinson – WFE press Junket, 2011

“There was an amazing moonshine day. It was one of the best days of the shoot. Drinking moonshine in 120 degrees, half of the crew was passed out, after one sip. It was amazing!” -Robert Pattinson – WFE press junket, 2011

“It’s very powerful to think that you can have a relationship with these huge beasts.” -Robert Pattinson [about working with an elephant] – WFE press junket, 2011

“When I did a Harry Potter film, years ago, and I was just starting to realize that I wanted to be an actor, even though I had already finished three movies, by that point. I remember being in Tokyo and looking out the window and seeing the Tokyo skyline. It made me reflect on what had happened in my life, and I was in awe of what road I had taken, by accident.” -Robert Pattinson – WFE press junket, 2011

“I’ve never worked on anything so detailed. There was an embankment with a train track on the top. All the trailers were on one side, and then the circus world was on the other. Once you walked over the tracks, there would be a camera, but that was the only thing from the 21st Century. You could stand on the tracks and look over at everything, and you were in the ‘30s.” – Robert Pattinson – WFE press conference, 2011

“And, authentic period underpants do actually help, as well. I actually wore them every single day.” -Robert Pattinson – WFE press junket, 2011

“The scene where we were in that train car, there were like 10 billion flies. On any other movie, I think I’d be like, “Let’s just do one take!” But, I was perfectly happy to make a little mound and sit there and eat my lunch.” -Robert Pattinson – WFE press junket, 2011

“I don’t know if there’s the same thing in America, but there’s a thing called the Spotlight Form in England, where you have all your talents and accents and everything. You just tick these boxes, saying what you’re capable of, as an actor. I just tick everything. I can do any accent in the world. I can literally do any technical skill. I think it’s still like that. I ticked that I can do Lithuanian accents, fluently.” -Robert Pattinson [when asked if he ever lied to get an acting job] – WFE press junket, 2011

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  1. Just really love Robert Pattinson, I hope he finds his true love soon. I hope she will be every thing he is looking for…for his life.

  2. I agree. He is a sweet, considerate, gentleman. The “love of his life” will be a very lucky woman. Hope he will find her soon. He deserves to have someone to love and respect him as much as he will her.
    I wish you the best of everything, Rob. Please don’t ever change.

  3. This is such a good decent guy! It is so painful to see what people are saying about his character just because he is no longer with kristen. People worry and care about him because he is a good guy!!

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