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We know Anton Corbijn is an expert in portraying the stars. Famous are his pictures in black and white made for Joy Division, Tom Waits, Depeche Mode, U2, REM, Bryan Ferry, Rolling Stones, Nick Cave, and his movie he directed in 2007, Control, about life (and death) of Ian Curtis is famous too. The step from music to novie for him was short, as long as the theme is “cursed characters”, and here the Dutch filmmaker and photographer is back with a big project, a biopic of James Dean written by the poet & writer Luke Davies ( Candy, 2006), which tells us about the friendship forged between Dean and the photographer Dennis Stockin 1955 , before the actor became a star. The two had met during a party. Stock had understood the potential of Dean and, initially reluctant ,had agreed to go with him on a journey on the road to do a photoshoot payed by magazine ” Life Magazine ”. Dane DeHaan , already tested as actor with a “cursed” role in Kill your Darlings (2013 ) where he plays the journalist Lucien Carr,will be James Dean , and at his side in the role of Dennis Stockthere will be Robert Pattinson. The film’s producers said : ” Anton Corbijn, as a photographer of international renown, is the perfect choice to direct Life. Finding the right actor for the role of James Dean was a great responsibility, but the work of Dane has shown that he is a real changeable actor and that he can give so much to the part. The choice of Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan brings together two of the most interesting young actors of their generation

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3 responses to “‘Life’ and Robert Pattinson in ‘Just Cinema’ – Italy

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  1. Sounds fantastic. Looking forward to another Rob project.

  2. I’ve seen photos of our Rob as a “look-alike” of James Dean somewhere but he did it with reverence because he is a huge fan and admirer of his. In certain articles writers have compared Rob’s mesmerizing acting abilities to James Dean as well. I only hope we in the USA get to see this project at the theaters. I understand Rob is doing many projects but I would like to know when we his faithful fans will actually get to see them. I’m so happy for you Rob. We love you in the Twilight Saga and will always remember you in that but we want to see more of you now.
    Just another faithful fan, Josie

    • Mind you: Rob is NOT going to play James Dean in the movie, but the Life photographer that followed James Dean’s life for a while. Rob has been mentioned to play James Dean multiple times though so I understand the mixup.

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