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The Philippines Need Our Help – All the Information You Need to Help   4 comments



A massive typhoon hit the Philippines over the weekend and the scene left behind is one of utter devastation and chaos. At the time of writing these words, 10,000 people were reported dead, the death toll however will be much higher in the coming days as some areas of the Philippines have been off the grid with no communication. 

Typhoon Haiyan – Yolanda hit an area of the world that is already ravaged by poverty, as well as an area that was hit by an earthquake a month ago. Many have been left with nothing, which is why we are urging you to help if you can. 

Please be careful when donating to any other charity. Sadly, in times of great suffering, some individuals try to take advantage of the situation. Before donating make sure the charity is real.

We have compiled a list of Charities and non-governmental organizations that are currently raising funds to help the Filipino people. These charities are verified. 

See the organizations after the jump! 

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Monthly Round-Up of Pics and Quotes of the Day – Part I   1 comment

Here’s the monthly round-up of Robert Pattinson pics and quotes of the day that we post on our Tumblr. Since I haven’t done this in a while this will be a post in two parts. I’ll be posting the second part tomorrow. 


“I believe a lot in karma and stuff. Like when I end up with egg on my face, I’m like, Fate! I was born doomed. But I think it’s more being an idiot than superstitious.”

-Robert Pattinson (2009)

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