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Tu Style Magazine Italy April 28 2014

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Translation thanks to Fiammy / Robertpattinsonmoms

What is Pattinson doing with James Dean?

The shooting of the film have just ended. Now we just have to wait, confidently, the release date  in theaters for Life. We expect long lines at the entrance to the theaters because this film, directed by Anton Corbijn (director of Control a biopic on the leader of Joy Division, Ian Curtis), has good chances to irresistibly attract the audience. Especially the female audience. The film tells in fact the very last years of the life of James Dean, one of the most famous, tenacious and fascinating myths from Hollywood. 59 years have passed from his death ( the 24-year-old man ran to his death with his Porsche launched at breakneck speed near Cholame, California). Yet  his  appearance of a rebel, his pouting mouth as a bored boy, still continues to captivate many girls.

In Life the Dean role is played by Dane De Haan, blond 28-year-old. He will be also in theaters from April 23 in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he plays the role of the friend / enemy of Peter Parker, Harry Osborne (in the previous movie trilogy the same role was played by James Franco, who has curiously also played James Dean in a TV movie in 2001). Dane Dehaan actually is similar at the star of the 50s: dark circles, dark and elusive look. And their names are similar in sound (Dean-De Haan).

In any case, by now we have more confidence and passion for the other protagonist of the film, the 27 -year-old Robert Pattinson. The former Twilight vampire plays Dennis Stock, Magnum photographer who tighten with the star of Rebel Without a Cause a deep connection both professional and human . In Life the subject is the journey that the two men did from Los Angeles to New York shortly before Dean became a superstar. Along the way, Stock snapped the actor some photos that become mythical , and later published in Life magazine (which is why this is the title chosen for the film ). ” I liked James, but not always, and then work with him was a mess. But after a while he became my family,” said Stock. Stock survived his friend star for 55 years, dying in 2010 after having had an extraordinary career and having photographed and eternalize many other stars , from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepurn. But a picture from his work remains the coolest: James Dean, with his hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth, walking in the rain in Times Square. Cold, restless, unforgettable.


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