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*IMPORTANT* Auction Coming Up – Please Read and Share   2 comments


Hi all, 

One of our dearest friends, Rondra,  is in dire need right now. She has medical issues, which caused her to lose her job, because she couldn’t work anymore. She needs medical care and medication, which she can’t get right now because she doesn’t have health coverage and it costs a fortune in the U.S. Medical care and medication that she really needs. She is in a really bad place right now. 

We’ve decided that to help her we’ll be starting an auction to raise money in the next couple of days. We will be donating exclusive items from our personal collections, so if you’re looking for something, you might find it. 

The auction will be run on one site, which we will create, with stuff from 3 different fandoms. So there will be stuff from the Outlander Fandom (Outlander-Online), the Stephen Amell/Arrow Fandom (Amelly Nation) and the Robert Pattinson and Twilight fandom (Thinking of Rob) up for auction. Everything for the auction will be on one site. Each item will have it’s own post and people will be able to bid in the comments. We will also set up a gofundme for those who wish to just donate. 

***Anyone willing to donate an item to the auction can do so by contacting us at . We’re donating collector’s items from our personal collections and people such as Lord MesaJeff Tasca, Urban Rebel Design, Christina Lauren, Creations By Nina will all be donating things for the auctions. ***

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Flashback Pic Post: HQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson at ‘The Rover’ Photocall in London   Leave a comment

Here are 9 HQ pics of Robert Pattinson and Guy Pearce at The Rover photocall in London


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NEW Pictures of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a new pic of Robert Pattinson from today




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VIDEO: Werner Herzog talks choosing Robert Pattinson, Queen of the Desert and more   Leave a comment

Here’s an interview of Werner Herzog talking about why he chose Robert Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence and more

Exklusiv_ KÖNIGIN DER WÜSTE _ Trailer & Filmclip [HD] - YouTube (1080p).mp4_20150827_171503.993

Click on the pic to watch the video