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Stacy Martin talks about working with Robert Pattinson in ‘The Childhood of a Leader’   Leave a comment



Can you tell us anything about Childhood of a Leader, the film you’re in with Robert Pattinson?

I can tell you that he plays a very difficult role and he works very hard, but makes it look very easy. He was very focused and the film is going to be very intense, in the best way. It’s going to really surprise a lot of people.

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Auctions For Rondra! Help us Help a Friend in Dire Need   Leave a comment


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The teams behind Amelly Nation, Outlander-Online and Thinking of Rob are coming to you for help. A dear friend and creator of Amelly Nation, Rondra, is in need and we’re reaching out. She has medical issues and can’t get the appropriate healthcare she needs or medication she requires to get better right now and she needs to focus on getting better, which is where we all come in. She is unable to work, so we’re hoping we can help her on her road to recovery, not only by giving her our unconditional support, but also financial support. She’s in a tight spot and while she focuses on getting better, we’re hoping we can raise money to ease her mind and lend a hand.

It’s the season of giving and we’re all hoping you lovely people will help us help a friend. See, Amelly Nation, Outlander-Online and Thinking of Rob are more than just fan sites, we’re a family. All sites are connected in some way. We work hard and we work close together. We talk daily and we support each other in every way we can. And when we saw a friend in need, we jumped to action immediately.

Many people, including us, have donated items which we are putting up for auction. All the funds collected will be going directly to Rondra. You can also donate to Rondra directly by going to the GoFundMe Page we created here.

If you would like to donate an item please contact us at

You can access the auction site, where the rules on how to bid are explained, by clicking here

There are items from 3 fandoms and some more stuff will get added. Here are the things from Robert Pattinson/Twilight Fandom: 

  1. Little White Lies Magazine – Donated by Marie
  2. Print of Robert Pattinson, made by Brian C. Roll – Donated by Brian C. Roll, Odyssey Art 
  3. Esquire Magazine – Donated by Barbora
  4. Blackbook Magazine – Donated by Marie
  5. Vanity Fair 2011 – Donated by Marie
  6. Interview Magazine – Donated by Marie
  7. InStyle Magazine – Donated by Barbora
  8. Collection of Rob Movies (Remember Me, Little Ashes, How to Be, The Haunted Airman) – Donated by Heather
  9. Premiere Magazine (Kristen Stewart) – Donated by Barbora
  10. Custom made banner of your choice for your website designed by DreamySim1 – Donated by Sim
  11. Custom made wallpaper of your choice designed by DreamySim1 – Donated by Sim

We’d like to give a major shoutout to Lord Mesa, Jeff Tasca, Christina LaurensCreations by Nina Wozniak,  UrbanRebel Design and Brian C. Roll from Odyssey Art for their donations. 

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New Picture of Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a new pic of Robert Pattinson in New York


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