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Water for Elephants Discussion Post   31 comments

We know many of you went to see Water for Elephants last night or are going to see it in the coming days so we’re creating a  post where people can discuss the movie. What were your thoughts on the movie? We can’t wait to hear from you guys! 

If you haven’t seen the movie the comments will contain spoilers. 

Water for Elephants Premiere Signs, Review & Discussion   7 comments

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We’ve made signs for those of you who will be attending  Water for Elephants Premieres! You can print them and bring them with you to the events! They were all made by the amazing DreamySim1 and each one is different! 

For Berlin signs click here 

For Paris signs click here 

For Barcelona signs click here 

For London signs click here

For Sydney signs click here

And for those of you who want the one from the NYC premiere click here 

If you want to discuss Water for Elephants the discussion post is here.

If you want to check out our review of Water for Elephants click here.

Check out ToR’s sign signed by Rob here!