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We know many of you went to see Water for Elephants last night or are going to see it in the coming days so we’re creating a  post where people can discuss the movie. What were your thoughts on the movie? We can’t wait to hear from you guys! 

If you haven’t seen the movie the comments will contain spoilers. 

31 responses to “Water for Elephants Discussion Post

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  2. First…this is NOT a Twilight movie. It’s serious, beautiful, adorable, amazing. At times you want to say is that really Robert Pattinson. Oh yeah he’s there, it looks like him but it’s different. He shows a great deal of different types of emotion. Anger, hurt, laughter. You see a lot of his mannerisms that you see in interviews.

    The trailers in no way tell it all and I was surprised. The trailers mostly come from the very beginning of the movie.

    Waltz is wicked. How he turns from being sweet to evil in just fractions of seconds.

    Reese is beautiful and strong and does a wonderful job with Rosie and her romance with Jacob. It’s amazing how she handles August, like she can see his mood swings coming.

    The adaptation for those who have read the books is interesting. I was hoping to see more of the Barbara scene but they limited that and the trunk outcome is hilarious. Rob is such a sport. I finally got the whipped cream pie scene which isn’t in the book. Again he’s a sport.

    The Camel stuff is good but they really kept that to the bare bones. I liked Camel and Kinko a lot. They kept in the stuff that defines their characters. Could have used more Kinko though.

    The horse scene was handled very well..I was a little nervous about that one.

    The Rosie scenes are great. Again, how they would handle the beating by August, the final scene, the passion of Marlena and Jacob over all of it is just beautiful

    This opinion is from seeing the movie at midnight. I will be going again today. Since I was doing a lot of anticipating I’m guessing I will have a more impassioned take later today.

    I will say this is truly a more serious film. That must be realized by all Twilight fans. I can only say that I think it was excellent, beautiful and I sincerely hope this makes the awards lists. Robert without a doubt showed that he has acting chops and I pray when all is said and done he will be given that credit, he worked hard in this movie, and deserves the recognition.

    • I absolutely agree with Lisa this movie is beautifully made and Robert as Jacob character is amazingly played and he really did a good job on this movie. Just like Lisa said he deserve a recognition for this movie. I definitely will go and see it again.

  3. All the actors did an amazing job! It was great to see Rob giggling in the movie. I found that he truly showed a wide array of emotions.

    I loved all the scenes with Tai. They were incredibly touching. The scene where August beats her is so hard to watch and brings tears to your eyes.

    The most hilarious scene to me was when Jacob gets out of the box with clown make-up.

    It was beautifully shot. Francis Lawrence did a phenomenal job with this movie.

    I saw it at the Premiere in NYC and will most likely be going to see it again this weekend.

    You can see my review here https://thinkingofrob.com/2011/04/22/tors-review-of-water-for-elephants-water-for-elephants-is-the-most-spectacular-show-on-earth/

  4. I went with my best friend who joined me in NYC for the red carpet. The film was beyond amazing. The set, the costumes, the actors, the animals…no words on just how wonderful everything was. I left the movie speechless and just overwhelmed emotionally. It was the most spectular movie I’ve seen in a long while. Great job by Rob, Reese, Christoph and Tai. Will definitely be seeing it again and again… Thanks Mr. Lawrence for the amazing trip back to the thirties….just awesome.

  5. Now this is a movie! It really did have a magical yet down-to-earth feel. Robert was AMAZING. He really did get to show a wide range of motions from morose to murderous and everything in between. He doesn’t hold back. I loved the surprise of seeing Jacob come out of the trunk! Thank you Rob for doing it. It was a beautifully made movie and tears came to my eyes because of it. You really won’t see another movie like this being made nowadays.

  6. this was a great movie!! Rob is a very talented actor and he showed his talent in this film. The scene where he August was hurting Rosy, Jacob’s character showed so much emotion made he sad with him. I laughed so hard when Jacob came out of the box looking like a clown.lol!!

  7. WFE was amazing!! I got my husband to go. He is not a RPatz fan to say it mildly and was dying to cut it up. He loved it. He thought that Rob showed real acting chops, but we already knew that right ladies!!! It was a wonderful heart wrenching tale from beginning to end. I loved when Tai clobbered August!! I wish there had been some of the nursing home scenes though. I wanted Jacob’s argument with the other man at his table about carrying water for elephants. They did make it appear that Jacob/Marlena jumped into bed quickly, but if you read the book it actually took much longer. They messed with the timeline of the book some but still the movie flowed nicely. There was absolutely no chance to become bored. Even my kid and her friend liked it – a lot! I am so proud of Rob for picking this movie and doing so well in it. I hope it actually gets up for some ‘real’ awards. Including costumes which were amazing. In the city scenes it really looked like the old days. When the disaster happened they did that well too. I can’t say enough good about it. Go!! give it a chance.

  8. I had some trepidation about the movie, I cannot stand animals being abused even if I know it’s not real.

    Christoph .. WOW! I wanted to take that bull stick from August and beat him with it and in the next breath he had me feeling bad for him cause he was afraid for his wife.. he knew he shouldn’t have done it.. Two minutes later I’m like WTH???? Someone kill that man! 😉

    I was completely sucked into the movie, I was completely surrounded by it, I felt like I was there in the 1930’s Banzzini Circus. I felt the pain, the fears, the love between two people and the love for the animals.

    This movie flowed with realism, all the actors perfectly fit.

    I had no doubt that Robert would be fantastic. I mean it’s just a given. He covered the gambit of emotion with ease but I’m sure he poured his heart and soul and every ounce of energy he had into it to make it look that real.

    I LOVED that Rosie won in the end!! I wanted to jump up and say you go girl!!! 😉

    My all time favorite scene was Jacob dressed as a clown with the little nipple thingy on.. cracked me up!

    When the movie ended the audience applauded!!!! 😉 Did anyone else have that happen? I’m like YEAH!

  9. I did not want to see the movie. The ads did not reveal how amazing it is. I am glad I saw it. The story was wonderful;left me joyfully in tears.

  10. I went to the cinema on Thurthday as it was the first day for WFE in Russia. I even took the day off, as I wanted to see it ASAP.
    I was so nervous and excited, and emotional, that I actually couldn’t hold back the tears from the very beginning. Seeing the eyes of old Jacob looking at the picture of Marlena…
    And then it was Robert’s time… You know, I was so captivated by him that I coundn’t take my eyes form Rob. In each scene, even if he was not talking I followed him, watching his emotions, his expressions, his eyes. Yes, Robert is beautiful, we all know it. But he IS very talented, and God I hope so much that this movie will be a HUGE success for him in the critics eyes.

  11. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie that I have been anticipating for the last year. I thought Rob did a tremendous job as Jacob and I believed he was the character from the book I so love. All the main actors were great – Christoph as August really had you seeing a man with intense emotions who was at times unable to control them. My husband who had not read the book was confused by why August thought Jacob and Marlena were having a thing – he said just by that look and whisper in the initiation scene? So maybe they could have had at least another scene, like in the speakeasy, where he would have scene them dancing, like in the book – otherwise he really liked the movie. All the supporting actors also added those needed elements from the book that rounded out this fantastic story. As for Tai as Rosie, I have to agree with many that here scenes were memorizing! Going to go see it again today and can’t wait for the dvd to come out – looking forward to not only watching move, but the commentary and all the extras.

  12. We went to see WFE yesterday 6pm. The theartre was packed. The movie was excellent. Makes me wonder what movie some of the egg head critics were watching! The audience was so quietly attentive and when the credits rolled loud applause filled the room! When was the last time you were at a movie and people clapped?! The costumes, sets and characters were amazing. The storyline was very very similar to Sara Gruen’s bestselling book and so engrossing. Robert Pattinson’s portrayal of Jacob was excellent. Reese and Rob worked well together on screen=Believable. Go see WFE worth every penny!!!

  13. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew. Water For Elephants is one of the best movies I have seen in on the big screen in a very long time!!! Truly an amazing film with real animals, real tents and characters that made me believe their intensely riveting story. I laughed, I cried, I cringed and never left my seat! I will see this movie again and will own it when it becomes available. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU!

  14. Amazing!!! I was totally taken on a journey to the 1930’s it felt so real. I fell in love with Rosie (Tai) and who knew an elephant could show so much emotion.

    I was so proud of Rob! His best job yet. It showed how much he has grown as an actor. He showed more emotion with his facial expressions and his accent was flawless.

    Hal Holbrook deserves a supporting actor oscar for his small role, he had me in tears.

    The best part was the ending shots. I felt I was looking at my grandparents photo album.

    Truly on of the best films in a long time. Will be seeing it over and over again.

  15. I took my 16 year old neighbour to see WFE and she loved it, kept crying then laughing. She is a Taylor fan but was blown away by Rob. Personally I was so intrigued by every nuance of Robs acting I didn’t really watch the movie I was totally focused on Rob. Going back today to see what happened. I told hubs he will like it if he liked RM he will love WFE. Christoph made me hate him so much he is brilliant in this type of role. I liked Reese bit honestly thought I would have like another actress playing the role. GO see WFE!

  16. i have to say i went in with quite a bit of hesitation. I expect some changes from any book to any movie of course but some directors take the changes a little to far, well i am very happy to say while yes there are some changes they are slight and make sense!!! Rob did a fantastic job I could not be happier for him, with the success of this movie he will finally get the recognition he deserves to have! And Christoph as August they could not have cast that any better he did a fantastic job and i wanted to relive that ending over and over again. I will say i was slightly disappointed in Reese, but when it comes to her movies i find i have this problem that i either love her in them or i find her mediocre at best. But the true show stopper was none other than Tai/Rosie she did a fantastic job. All in all i really could not have asked for a better movie it was visually stunning and even though i had read the book it was changed just enough that it kept me guessing what was coming next!!!

  17. Today I saw it for the second time…First time I went was on opening day with a couple of friends, one of them being a typical male who prefers “action flicks” over drama ended up loving the movie, which really, that said something.
    The first time I saw it, from the very beginning when I saw Hal Holbrooks blocking those trailers’ exit and seeing the big “Circus” sign my eyes got watery (it was either because of my excitement of FINALLY watching the movie, or because I’m just a big sensitive freak and I knew how emotional “Old Jacob” was at going back to the Circus, I just got emotional with him).

    The whole movie was beyond amazing. The performances were incredible. Waltz was astonishing … I mean, I knew he was going to deliver something incredible to his character August, but still took my breath away when I saw the easiness it was for him to change his personality from sweet and charming to an evil psychopath … it was really frighting in a delightful kind of way.
    Witherspoon once again gave honor to her title “Academy Award Winning Actress” …she was an amazing Marlena … I specially loved seeing her with Silver Star, it gave me a real glimpse of how much her character loves the animals she works with. I cried with her when she was singing the song to Silver Star, it was very touching … and I noticed Jacob had his eyes watery when seeing that scene, call me crazy, but I have a feeling that it wasn’t his character being moved by it, I think it was actually Rob…but then again, I could be wrong…either way, I loved that scene (minus the part where Silver gets put down =( )
    And what can I say about my beloved Rob … he is growing as true star, with each movie he makes his performances gets better and better and I am so happy many of the critics are noticing it (some are really slow on learning it, but if they have a working brain, they’ll come around). They are seeing what I saw when I watched “Little Ashes”, an amazing actor who can play any character he desires and he can do it with a lot of grace and charm. I loved seeing him in the scenes with Waltz, after with Tai, all of their scenes were my favorite. They really compliment each other … Each of them showed almost every emotion possible; from happy and playful to angry and murderous and they were delivered with such vehemence that it made me even more proud of Rob for choosing characters that will make him grow even bigger as an actor.

    Of course, nothing compares to what Tai brought to the movie … Rob will have to forgive me for saying this, but it was her who I fell in love with…hell, it was her who everyone fell in love with. She stole everyones heart in that theater. Every time she did her thing, like tricks, or drink all that alcohol (hilarious by the way), they were just charmed by her…and really, who can blame them ….but of course, it also made every cringe on the those brutal scenes where I couldn’t help but cry. They were really hard to watch….even now, remembering those sad eyes when she was hurt is making me cry…so I’m just going to stop there.

    The only downside I found in the film was Reese’s chemistry with Rob … but it only lacked on the love scenes…all the other scenes were great (like when they were with Tai for example) I mean, Jacob and Marlena were supposed to be falling madly in love with each other … and because everything was so new, specially to Jacob, the passion and heat should have be so ardent that it would have made even a porn star blush … but there was really nothing there…no true spark and it disappointed me. Ah well, the good thing is I didn’t go to see the movie to watch how heavy their make out sessions were :).

    On my second attendance to the movie, I was please to see the theater packed … and what was even more pleasing was them applauding in two occasions …The first one when Rosie did her majestic act on giving August what he deserved, and at the end, when the title of the movie just popped up (loved that detail by the way). It was true proof of how engrossing the movie was. It had everyone at the edge of their seats until the very end.
    I can’t thank Sara Gruen and Francis Lawrence enough for bringing the story to us, it was simply fantastic, I hope more people go see it so they can fall in love with it too.


  19. Hats off to Rob! I thought he did a superb job and loved the movie. I don’t know why any critics would say negative things about him. But I thought he was perfect. I would have preferred as Amber posted, a little more “umph” in the love between Jacob and Marlena. The script and director should have allowed more heat to be shown.

    Patricia Petrash
  20. Just saw the movie and loved it. Surprised how true to the book it was. Rob, Reese and Christoph were perfectly cast.

  21. Oh my! I really enjoyed WFE! It really lived up to my expectations. Even my daughter liked it and she is very critical. She even said it was better than the book and that is HIGH praise coming from here. Of course. she mainly went to see Chritoph Waltz.

    She absolutely loved him in Inglorious Bastards and “Couldn’t wait to see him go crazy as August.” He did an excellent job and stole almost every scene he was in! I think my favorite line of his was “These Unites States of Suckers do not apply to us. Everyone plays.” SO freaking good. He was so good as a villain that everyone in my theater cheered when Rosie killed him!

    Speaking of Rosie…..wow! She was PERFECT in every scene! I loved/hated how she roared in pain whenever Christoph ‘hit’ her. It made it very believable. I loved seeing her perform with Reese and how she ALWAYS had her trunk on Rob. We KNEW she was a smart girl, didn’t we!?!

    As for Reese, I think she did a great job as Marlena and was wonderful performing on Rosie. Her shots of being lifted and dismounting from the elephant were amazing. Now, I don’t know if my opinion was skewed from reviews that said she was too passive or not, but I kinda believe them. I know she was passive in the book and that she never really fought back, but I expected to see a little fire in her eyes now and then, not her just pretending nothing ever happened!

    Now, to Rob. What can I say….he did a great job as Jacob Jankowski! He still didn’t have a lot of dialogue in this movie but his facial expressions and body language were spot on in this one! My daughter likes to make fun of him since she knows this will rill me up and she said after the movie that all he did was look hot and steamy.

    Well…….the other 5 ladies (myself included) in my car had NO PROBLEM with that description! Of course my comeback was that I read in an interview that Rob didn’t know how large of a part Jacob was when he read the script (before he read the book) because he noticed that Marlena and August had more dialogue than he did. I really would like to see him in a movie with more dialogue and think it will occur with Cosmopolis.

    Back to WFE, he looked so comfortable in this movie! The clothes, being outside, being around animals, working on/with the animals was perfect for him and such a departure from his other movies that I hope directors will perk up and realize that this fits him more accurately than playing a mythical figure. I really do hope (and believe) that this busted him out of his Edward cage and made him a ‘real’ actor for some skeptical observers.

    One of my favorite scenes of Rob’s in this movie was surprising to me since it came towards the beginning of the movie and was a scene I didn’t think would be in the movie. I’m talking about when he had to put down Silver Star. That was such a harsh scene and really set up Jacob as someone who didn’t really care what August wanted, he was going to do what was right for the animals. That was a theme that was carried all the way through the movie and I thought that was great. Now, I was REALLY DISAPPOINTED to not see Rob carrying around a chimp on his hip during this move! Where was BOBO???? I think that would have been so adorable!

    And…..good lord, the clown scene! HOW HILARIOUS! I’m laughing as I type this! I really was berating myself for looking at every single clip this movie had on the internet and that really cut into my ‘first reaction enjoyment’ of the movie.
    But I believe my saturation of the movie before hand made me REALLY ENJOY the clown scene.

    Gah! I loved seeing the slow ascent out of the trunk with the hand on the rim, the bushy black wig and then…..I really don’t know what I noticed next: his nipple with that pasty over it or his smiling really big red clown lips! Our theater ERUPTED with laughter! I was crying I was laughing so hard!

    Overall, all the characters in this movie were perfectly cast. I loved Mark as Kinko/Walter. He didn’t have as many scenes as I expected, but did great in every scene he was in.

    Ken as Earl also did a great job. He was perfect as the gentle giant/bodyguard for Rob. It really showed that he was different from Blackie and really had a compassionate side to him.

    As for Blackie, Scot was AT OUR THEATER and came in before the move and talked to us! How cool was that!?! Now, I didn’t appreciate him beating the crap out of Rob, but he did a great job of it!

    James as Camel was probably my favorite secondary character in the movie. I loved how they made Camel a stronger character and person in the movie. He didn’t come across as the weakling he was in the book and I’m glad they made him the one that spoke Polish and allowed the lightbulb to go off in Jacob’s head that Rosie responded to Polish commands. That was great.

    Hal as the older Jacob was a really good choice, too! He added that perfect mixture of gruffness and humility that the old Jacob needed.

    Was I the only one who thought that the manager of the circus looked like Roger Federer, the tennis player!?! I NOTICED IT IMMEDIATELY!

    Overall, this was a great film. Do I think it will win awards for some of the actors, probably not. Do I think it will win awards for screenwriting, costumes, and set design….YES! The adaptation from book to screen was cleverly achieved. The set was GREAT and the costumes were AWESOME!

    Go see this movie just because it been a while since a BIG (as in a big set with lots of components that are real and not created with a computer) movie was out in theaters.

  22. I read the book before the movie came out. The book was excellent and the movie was even better. I thought all the actors were amazing and the costumes and backgrounds were fabulous. Rob was, as always, great in the part. He played Jacob beautifully and on the mark. I hate watching animals being abused and that was hard, but seeing Rob trying to kill August after he beat Rosie and then Rosie winning at the end made it all worth while. It was a really good movie and I’d recommend it to everyone.

  23. I was at the Paris Premiere yesterday and we saw the film (after seing the cast!! they came and greeted us inside the theater, it was great!!). The film is beautiful, touching and so filled with powerful emotions. I was struck by Rob’s acting, subtle and delicate, he was really Jacob, and he displayed such a wide range of emotions. He was wonderful. Although I had read masses of reviews (not all of them kind), I was really carried away by this film. I know some of you did not feel the chemistry between Rob and reese, but I did, I really felt it. Waltz’s performance was amazing, the way he switchs personalities is incredible. I liked Reese’s interpretation a lot, a mixture of gentleness and hardness. And Rob is ever-present and has a real magnetism on screen, not only because he’s handsome (we all know that) but because he’s got something else, I can’t describe it – natural charisma ? It’s almost magic. Oh and the scenes between Rob and the elephant are amazing, so filled with grace and tenderness, you can feel the bond between them, Rob really seems filled of genuine wonder and they are so affectionate with each other, as she were a human actress too. There’s a lot more I could say, but I’m still a bit overwhelmed, it was only yesterday… Im’ definitely going back to see it!
    Ou theater was packed : can you imagine 2700 people intensely focused on every scene, quiet and silent during the serious scenes, laughing when the mood lightened, sighing, tensing… at the end, everyone cheered loudly and clapped for a long, long while, it was a triumph!! I’ll remember that Premiere night forever!!

  24. Me alegra vuestros comentarios y el ultimo Doreen fantastico. Espero que tenga suerte en taquilla en Francia y genial cuando 2700 personas aplaudiendo con fuerza.

  25. I’m sorry but WfE sucks

  26. I enjoyed WFE thoroughly. I like the movie more than the book. It was magical–just a good, old-fashioned movie with no special effects or 3D, but one that grabs the audience with a good story, beautiful costumes, authentic settings, and a wonderful cast. I’ve seen it twice and plan to go again with my sister and her husband. I felt transported back to 1931 for two hours. All the actors did a great job, and regardless of what some critics are saying, I think Rob and Reese have great chemistry. As one of the other commentors said, when Rob’s on screen, I can’t take my eyes off him. His face is so expressive, you can read every emotion his character is feeling, even when he isn’t speaking. If you haven’t seen WFE, go! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth and more. Just a very enjoyable and entertaining movie.

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