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Mike Newell (Goblet of Fire Director) talks about Robert Pattinson   2 comments


BTRC: You worked with Robert Pattinson before he was The Robert Pattinson, do you think you have an eye for talent?
MN: Erm, I don’t know if I do. He was obviously good for the movie, he looks like the kind of fighter pilot, the head boy who will go out into the trenches on his second day. He just had that thing. He’s a brilliant vampire! He’s really good, he’s a sweet guy, and he’s a clever guy, he’s not a dope at all!

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Harry Potter Stars All Grown Up – Robert Pattinson’s Red Carpet Evolution   8 comments

From GlamourUK:
The Harry Potter films are coming to an end but how has the stars’ style changed over time?

This photo almost killed our Robert Pattinson crushes dead. Almost, but not quite. In 2005, the actor, who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, thought it was a good idea to wear leather trousers, with a velvet jacket. Hmm – and we’re going to try and ignore those shoes. Not even you, Rob, can carry off this look.

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Miranda Richardson is Team Edward   4 comments

After working with Rob in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Miranda Richardson wants to make sure everyone is clear on what team she’s on:

What is it about Breaking Dawn that you’re so excited about?

RICHARDSON: Oh, I’m a huge Twilight fan! I love it! Maybe they’ll invite me to the premiere now.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

RICHARDSON: Oh God, don’t do that! I’m Team Edward.

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Old Robert Pattinson Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire interview   5 comments

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Old video of Robert Pattinson at the of Goblet of Fire Premier   5 comments

An old video but a great one 🙂