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*VIDEO* More from Robert Pattinson’s interview with iVillage – He shares his holiday traditions   Leave a comment

Rob at 0:44


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Robert Pattinson wins at iVillage Awards   6 comments

iVillage announced the winners:

Man You’d Trade Your Husband For

“Of course, you love your man dearly — but 58% of you say that if you ever met the sexy Robert Pattinson in person, he’d be the biggest threat to your mate!
As a brooding vampire, Twilight star R-Pattz has a dark, romantic intensity. But when he ditches the pale skin and loosens up a bit, the actor is even hotter. K-Stew is one lucky lady!”

The British actor won with 58% of the votes.

Here’s how the other nominees measured up:
Johnny Depp: 24%
Jake Gyllenhaal: 14%
Denzel Washington: 3%

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Robert Pattinson's Interview With IVillage – "I Take Way Too Long To Get Dressed"   1 comment

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IVillage's Exclusive Interview with Robert Pattinson for Remember Me   Leave a comment

With two yet-to-be released Twilight films, you’d think Robert Pattinson would still be fending off obsessive female fans. But the 23-year-old star of the new romantic drama Remember Me (out in theaters Friday) claims his admirers have started to calm down.

“I don’t get the crazy stuff anymore — it’s so annoying,” he tells iVillage, only half-seriously. “In the original Twilight press tours almost all of them would be nuts. But it’s been a while.”

Compared to his tween-friendly vampire films, Remember Me doesn’t just feature PG-rated kisses. But when it came to filming the steamy sex scenes with costar Emilie de Ravin, Pattinson was a total pro. “The only thing that makes it uncomfortable is if the other person feels uncomfortable,” he says.

Watch our exclusive video interview to see Pattinson admit that coming up with pick-up lines isn’t exactly his forte — and reveal the advice his dad taught him.

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Vote for Robert Pattinson In iVillage's Entertainment Awards   2 comments

Rob is up for a few awards including hottest New Moon hunk, saddest onscreen split and man you’d trade your husband for.

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Robert Pattinson One of iVillage's 15 Sexiest Vampires in Hollywood History   2 comments

Robert Pattinson

Talk about getting pulses racing! Robert Pattinson‘s tousle-haired vampire Edward Cullen was the embodiment of angst-ridden teenage fantasies in last year’s Twilight — and audiences salivating to see his brooding character in the flesh again has made New Moon one of the most anticipated big-screen events of 2009.

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