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Pre-Order Your Tickets For The Premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part II at the Grand Rex in Paris   Leave a comment

The Grand Rex in Paris already has tickets that can be ordered for the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part II. It will take place on Tuesday November 13th at 9pm local time. Click here or the screencap below to pre-order your tickets. 

Thanks to verenajj for the heads up!

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New/Old Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson from Cosmopolis Promo – Paris, Berlin and Toronto   1 comment

See more pics after the jump!

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New/Old Pic of Robert Pattinson With a Fan in Paris   Leave a comment

Here’s an old/new pic of Robert Pattinson with a fan in Paris. 

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Another New pic of Rob with a fan in Paris (May 31st)   Leave a comment

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More New Pictures of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Paris Screening   1 comment

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*VIDEO* Robert Pattinson’s interview with En Mode Gossip from the Cosmopolis screening in Paris   1 comment

Youtube Or watch at the source – starts at 40:49

Rob is here and we have a very specific question to ask him.
Are you and kristen Stewart dating? Is it official?
Rob: I only answer questions about movies ’cause I’m not an idiot.

The vampire is stubborn, or should I say the businessman with sharp teeth since it’s the role he plays in Cronenberg’s new movie. A role that’s compleltely different from the one in Twilight.
Rob: It’s a different audience, a different everything. But, I mean, I like to try to, in every movie between Twilight to try to change everything I can and this one seems to be connected in some way. Cool. Thanks a lot.


New fan picture of Rob in Paris   1 comment

Taken may 31st:

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