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Water for Elephants again on the big screen in Sydney – Australia   2 comments

Water for Elephants has been chosen to be shown for free at the 11th annual Movies by the boulebard event. Catch all the following movies for free including Robert Pattinsons’s ‘Water for Elephants’:

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Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Water for Elephants on various ‘Best of 2011’ Lists   2 comments

Robert Pattinson, Breaking Dawn and Water for Elephants are on various ‘Best of 2011’ lists. Here are some of them.

EOnline – Celeb of the Year

Sixty-four celebs, five weeks of voting, four fiercely contested brackets and a surprising wild card round later, Robert Pattinson comes out on top.

The great-haired hunk has won the E! Celeb of the Year honor—for the second year in a row!

Team Jacob and Twilight haters can get to steppin’ because the evidence is crystal clear: You guys love R.Pattz

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‘Water For Elephants’ One of the hottest search terms in 2011   Leave a comment

Internet company AOL has released some interesting data onto the UK and US versions of its Hot Search web site. It is no secret that key terms are at the heart of any SEO campaign so the search terms most popular amongst internet users are useful as basic guidance for SEO professionals.
The Hot Search web site identifies popular search terms on a range of topics and publishes them for the benefit of the public. According to the end of 2011 US category of the Hot Search web site, the most searched term of 2011 was “Casey Anthony Trial”, demonstrating the predictable public fascination with sordid trial proceedings. This one will come as little surprise to anyone who remembers the trial of O.J. Simpson.
Cinema fans will be unsurprised to see that “Harry Potter 7″ topped the list of film-related AOL searches. Other popular films included “The Help”, “Super 8″, “Water For Elephants” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
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Official Japanese site for Water for Elephants (Lovers’ Parade) opens   Leave a comment

Today the official site of Water for Elephants in Japan (Lovers’ Parade) was launched.

Click HERE or the image to visit the site

Water for Elephants premiers in Japan at Cinemart, in Shinjuku, Tokyo, on 25 February 2012 and will be shown from 3 March at Cinemart in Shinsaibashi, Osaka. Advance tickets are currently on sale for these two cinemas. It is thought that the film will gradually be rolled out at independent cinemas through Japan

Thanks to clara from robert pattinson press japan for the info.

Water for Elephants (Lovers’ Parade) Tickets presale From November 23 – Japan   2 comments

From November 23, tickets for the movie Water for Elephants will be available from Cinemart Shinjuku in Tokyo and Cinemart Shinsaibashi in Osaka. On the same day, the Japanese version of the movie flyers, which have been designed differently from the overseas version, will also become available to the public. This movie is set during the period of the Great Depression; and although this is a drama that features a couple affected by this difficult period in history, in Japan it is almost being advertised as a slightly trendy love drama. In Japan, the movie is being released only at independent movie theaters, and for the time being it is only available at the two movie theaters in Tokyo and Osaka. We believe that the movie will be slowly released throughout the country later on and should become available at more movie theaters.

Tagline of the movie:” ぼくはきみの手を握った。禁じられた恋と知ってても― “(I held your hand. Even though I knew ours was a forbidden love―).The title of the movie is “Water for Elephants,” but in Japanese it was renamed, “Lovers’ Parade.”
source clara from robert pattinson press Japan

Water for Elephants DVD review by @Killer_Film   1 comment

Here’s a review by about the Water for Elephants DVD:

Director Francis Lawrence paints a lush portrait of circus life during the Great Depression in the film adaptation of Sara Gruen’s novel Water for Elephants. It’s a gripping look at the gritty world behind the glamorous big top. And to survive in that world, you have to stand up for what you believe in.

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Water for Elephants Blockbuster’s #1 Rental This Week   1 comment

Water for Elephants is Blockbuster’s #1 rental this week! Yay!


Water for Elephants Released on DVD and Blu-Ray Today   Leave a comment

Water for Elephants is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US and Canada today! Did you order your copy yet? You can order the DVD here  and the Blu-Ray here

New Water for Elephants DVD Commercial   3 comments

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Cineplex Magazine Scans and Interview   1 comment

Cineplex Magazine Interview with Kristen and Robert

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