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*VIDEOS & Screencaps* Flashback – Robert Pattinson Radio interviews   Leave a comment

Here are two videos of Rob being interviewed about Twilight at from back in 2008:

Part one:

Part two:

Rob on BTS Sirius radio (just part two of four, rest you can watch by clicking here):

funny interview snippets:

And last but not least: the funny interview with the Ladies Room:

Screencaps (click to make bigger):

See the rest after the jump!

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MTV: 4 Things We’ve Learned From Robert Pattinson’s Interview With Ryan Seacrest   2 comments

From MTV:

Braving the mud hills of his obscure Canadian location and risking getting beaten by members of the “Breaking Dawn” cast and crew, Robert Pattinson took time to call intoRyan Seacrest’s radio show this morning for a brief chat. RPattz was surprisingly giggly (but to be honest, Ryan lends himself to that sort of response) and divulged a few details about his upcoming release, “Water for Elephants” withReese Witherspoon, and the highly anticipated “Breaking Dawn.” Here’s what we learned:

As if this wasn’t clear from the currentVanity Fair cover, he’s an animal lover.
Robert formed a close relationship with Tai, one of the elephants featured in “Water for Elephants.” “They’re the most sophisticated, gentle creatures you could possibly hope to work with,” he told Ryan. “I got carried around in her mouth the first day I met [Tai] and you suddenly realize how incredible they are.”


Historical accuracy is so important to him, he even researched for his role in the Great Depression-era film.
“It’s a big, beautiful old-fashioned love story, set in the ’30s with me and Reese Witherspoon playing lovers. It’s very sweet,” he explained. “I watched a bunch of documentaries, but the main thing is the [Sara Gruen] novel it’s based on is very historically accurate. Jack Fisk, who’s the production designer, his sets were so incredibly authentic, and the costume designer and everything, it’s an incredibly true to life adaptation of the book.”

Team Edward fans made him nervous about taking on the “Water for Elephants” character of Jacob.
Wait a second, not that Jacob. “It’s quite funny, as soon as I read [the script] that was one of my main concerns,” Robert laughed. “I think the fact that he’s Polish—Jacob Jankowski—takes away from [the similarities] a little bit. It’s very different from ‘Twilight.'”

Despite the constant buzz of media attention, he’s content with where he is in his career.
“I’m pretty happy with the way things have gone. I mean, I stayed working, stayed pretty happy. I think that’s the most you can ask for,” he said.

Sadly, Robert remained mum on details from the “Breaking Dawn” set, but did set the rumor straight that his fellow cast members are not on lockdown while secluded in “the middle of nowhere” Canada. “They’re being super-secretive about all the stuff on this one but I think I can get out of my room,” he laughed. But the next two months won’t allow Rob much time for anything else, as “Breaking Dawn” continues filming until the premiere of “Water for Elephants” on April 22.


Exclusive preview of Water for Elephants on American Idol tonight   3 comments

Ryan Seacrest mentioned it in the interview, tweeted about it and the official Facebook page of Water for Elephants also mentioned it: there will be an exclusive preview / TV spot of Robert Pattinson’s movie Water for Elephants on American Idol tonight. The show will air tonight at 8/7 C. Together with the new trailer on there will be loads of exciting new stuff today!

Click here for the site of American Idol

Source: Ryan Seacrest | Water for Elephants Facebook

*AUDIO* Robert Pattinson’s Interview on Ryan Seacrest   19 comments

Robert Pattinson’s phone interview with Ryan Seacrest straight from the Breaking Dawn set in Vancouver. Talks about Water For Elephants, Tai the elephant and more! Part 2 and MP3 links after the jump.

Listen to the rest after the jump!

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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson on @RyanSeacrest in 2008 and Info on How to Listen To The Show   4 comments

Robert Pattinson will most likely be doing an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning. It was confirmed yesterday by the official Water for Elephants Facebook. We highly doubt that Rob will be in studio with Ryan as he’s filming Breaking Dawn right now. We think it will probably be a call in interview. However if he’s in studio we hope Ryan will take some pics for us. In any case here’s the next best thing 😉 a flashback pic post of Rob from the last time he was on Ryan’s show in 2008. These are some of my favorite Rob pics.

The interview will most likely be aired from 7 and 9 am PST (10 to 12 pm EST). You can catch it on Ryan’s website by clicking here and clicking on the “Listen Live” button at the top.

More after the jump!

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Ryan Seacrest To Interview Robert Pattinson Tomorrow?   2 comments

Ryan Seacrest announced live on air today that he’ll be interviewing Robert Pattinson tomorrow (March 3rd).

We don’t know if it will be live, recorded, phoned.

LetMeSign contacted the station and here all the info they got

On Air With Ryan Seacrest airs starting at 6 am. The interview is likely to air at 7am. From previous interviews they’ve had it sounds about right. They usualy air interviews at the peak listening hours so people who are commuting to work can hear it.
He could not specify if it was IN STUDIO or over the phone. Mentioned it depended on Robert’s schedule. I haven’t heard anything about him being in Los Angeles so unless he flies in tonight, the interview is most likely over the phone.
Once again the interview can air anywhere between 7 and 9 am PST. That’s 10 to 12 pm EST.

You can listen to a Livestream of the radio show at KIIS FM or go to Ryan Seacrest’s site and click the Listen LIVE widget on the top left corner.
iPhone and Blackberry users, you can catch the livestream using your iHeart Radio apps on your phone!! Be sure to find the station and you’ll be set to listen in as well.

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Ask Rob, Kristen or Taylor a Question!   3 comments

Ryan Seacrest is taking questions on his site for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner.

Have a question? Click here to ask.

Source via kstewartnews

New Pic of Robert Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest at the LA Premiere of New Moon   4 comments

Here’s another new pic of Robert Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest’s show at the LA Premiere of New Moon.

Source via RP Life

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Screencaps of Robert Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest at the LA Premiere of New Moon   3 comments

I made some screencaps of Robert Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest’s show at the LA Premiere of New Moon a while back. Since there were so many pics coming out back then they were most likely lost in the mass of pics. Since there are quite a few good screencaps in there I decided to repost them today.

More caps after the jump!

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Old/New Pic of Robert Pattinson on the Ryan Seacrest Show at the LA Premiere of New Moon   1 comment

Here’s an old/new pic of Robert Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest’s Show at the LA Premiere of New Moon.

TwilightBritneyFan via RP Life

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