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From The Playlist

It’s a belated release, but we’ll take it: David Michod’s “The Rover” is finally getting a soundtrack release. Lakeshore Records will release the album digitally on October 7th and on CD November 11. We revealed details of all the music featured in the post-economic collapse drama during Cannes, but now you’ll be able to actually have the music all in one place. The highlight, beyond existing tracks by Tortoise and William Basinski already available online, is an original score by Antony Partos (“99 Homes,” “Animal Kingdom”) with additional music by Sam Petty (“Animal Kingdom”). Here’s some details from the press release.

Track Listing
01. Four-Day Interval – Tortoise
02. Arrival – Antony Partos
03. (No) Vacancy – Sam Petty
04. Crossfire – Sam Petty
05. Campfire – Antony Partos
06. Groundswell – Colin Stetson
07. Pit Stop – Antony Partos
08. Deja Vu – Sam Petty
09. Homecoming – Antony Partos
10. Bonfire – Antony Partos
11. Crystal Waters – Matthias Loibner
12. Two Themes For Rey – Sam Petty
13. Motel – Antony Partos
14. Variation V – William Basinski

‘The Rover’ is now available on DVD/Blu-Ray:  You can get  ‘The Rover’ DVD + Digital or Bluray + Digital HD [Blu-ray] from Amazon (via)

Listen to Breaking Dawn: Part II Score Excerpts   Leave a comment

From Carter Burwel:

The score album for  has been released. You can hear excerpts at my website

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Breaking Dawn: Part II Score and Pre-Order Link As Well as Track List   Leave a comment

You can now order the Breaking Dawn: Part II score on Amazon. It will be released on November 19th. 

Click here to pre-order

Track List: 

1. Twilight Overture 3:02
2. A World Bright and Buzzing 1:12
3. The Lamb Hunts The Lion 1:59
4. Meet Renesmee 2:43
5. Here Goes Nothing 0:59
6. Sparkles At Last 1:04
7. Catching Snowflakes 1:41
8. The Immortal Children 2:01
9. Merchant of Venice 0:44
10. Into The White 1:04
11. Renesmee’s Lullaby / Something Terrible 3:03
12. A Way With The World 1:38
13. The Amazon Arrives 1:00
14. A Yankee Vampire 1:07
15. Cloud Forest 1:23
16. Witnesses 1:37
17. We Will Fight 0:57
18. Shield Training 2:09
19. At Bedtime A Child Asks About Death 1:14
20. Decoding Alice 1:45
21. The Driving Question 1:09
22. Present Time 2:11
23. This Extraordinary Life 2:11
24. Gathering In Snow 2:45
25. She Is Not Immortal 0:53
26. Reading Edward 0:55
27. Magnifica 1:10
28. Irina Loses Her Head 2:52
29. Aro’s Oration 2:48
30. A Kick In The Head 0:58
31. Exacueret Nostri Dentes in Filia 1:48
32. Chasing Renesmee 1:20
33. A Crack In The Earth 2:24
34. Aro’s End 1:52
35. That’s Your Future 0:52
36. Such A Prize 3:25


The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Score Is Available Now on iTunes In The US   1 comment

Check for More Info: iTunes

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Preview The Tracks of the Score for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse   4 comments

You can now preview the tracks from the score of The Twilight Saga Eclipse. You can click here to purchase it.

Click on the song titles to hear the music!

1. Riley – 1:53
Compromis/Bella’s Theme – 2:44
Bella’s Truck/Florida – 1:50
Victoria – 2:18
Imprinting – 2:07
The Cullens Plan – 2:18
First Kiss – 2:00
Rosalie – 4:09
Decisions, Decisions – 1:50
They’re Coming Here – 4:01
Jacob Black – 2:13
Jasper – 3:56
Wolf Scent – 2:19
Mountain Peak – 5:02
The Kiss – 3:45
The Battle/Victoria vs. Edward – 6:40
Jane – 3:12
As Easy as Breathing – 3:21
Wedding Plans – 6:12

Or listen to them below

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Eclipse Score Cover   3 comments

You can order the score on Amazon here.

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E1 Music Releases Highly-Anticipated “Remember Me” Soundtrack and Film Score   Leave a comment

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – March 23, 2010) – E1 Music announces the release of both the film score and the soundtrack to the film “Remember Me,” which hit theaters on March 12, 2010 via Summit Entertainment, LLC. Both releases are digital only and available now.

The soundtrack is produced by Paul Katz and Alexandra Patsavas, and features a wide-ranging mix of late ’90s artists including National Skyline, Kottonmouth Kings, Supergrass, Sparklehorse, and Sigur Rós.

“Remember Me’s” film score was composed by world-renowned indie composer Marcelo Zarvos. Zarvos recently received an Emmy-nomination for the score of the HBO mini-series “Taking Chances” (2009) and was selected by Robert DeNiro to create part of the score for “The Good Shepherd” (2006). In addition to film scores, Marcelo is a Brazilian pianist and composer, known for jazz and his success with the album “Dualism.”

“Remember Me” is directed by Allen Coulter and stars Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Pierce Brosnan. The film was released on March 12, 2010. Tyler (Pattinson) is a rebellious young man in New York City who has a strained relationship with his father (Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through until the day he met Ally (Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. But soon, hidden secrets are revealed, and the circumstances that brought them together slowly threaten to tear them apart. “Remember Me” is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one’s life.

To purchase the “Remember Me” score, go to:

To purchase the “Remember Me” soundtrack go to:

You can also order the soundtrack on Amazon here and the score here.

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Remember Me Soundtrack and Score Available for Pre-Order   Leave a comment

The Remember Me Soundtrack and score are available for pre-order on Amazon. You can order the soundtrack here and the score here


1. Alien Lover (Luscious Jackson)
2. Play On (Kottonmouth Kings)
3. Kandles (National Skyline)
4. Soft Shoulder (Ani Difranco)
5. Have Mercy (Two Ton Boa)
6. Hanging With The Wrong Crowd (Ed Harcourt)
7. Why Did We Ever Meet (The Promise Ring)
8. You Can See Me (Supergrass)
9. Sea Of Teeth (Sparklehorse)
10. Andvari (Sigur Ros)
11. Parasol (The Sea And Cake)
12. Soul Brother (Us3)
13. Open Wide (Long Hind Legs)
14. The Sun Keeps Shining On Me (Fonda)


1. Opening
2. Summer
3. I Know You Can Hear Me
4. Tyler
5. Angry Ride
6. Morning Montage
7. Wake Up Call
8. Craig Worries
9. Caroline
10. Remember Me
11. Subway Ride
12. Don’t Be A Stranger

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