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Our New Project – Please Read   1 comment

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A few weeks ago we saw the video below and were totally enchanted. We contacted the guy, Douglas Hamilton, who’s a great guy and decided to help him start out on Twitter and we created a website for him. Dougie is also a musician. He writes, plays and sings his own songs (you’ll find one of his songs on his site here). Dougie is Scottish, but is currently living in Australia.  

You can check out the new website we made for him here   you can also follow him on twitter here.  Please also like him on Facebook here. It would be mean a lot to us if you did. The entire ToR team stands besides Dougie and his website. 

Here’s the original video of Dougie with Lion Cubs  

You can see my version of the video after the jump! 

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Scotsman Interviews Rob   1 comment

Note: dates at the bottom are for Scotland

Interview: Robert Pattinson, actor

Published Date: 23 March 2010


RIGHT now, being Robert Pattinson is a full-time business fraught with danger. The last time I saw him, the British star of the Twilight vampire franchise was in Cannes, surrounded by screaming French fans ready to sink their teeth into his flesh. With the release of Twilight sequel New Moon in November furthering “R-Patz” mania, it’s now reached epidemic proportions – fuelled by his relationship with Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart.

When we meet in a New York hotel it seems impossible to escape him. Posters cover the subway for his latest film, Remember Me, while shops are full of Pattinson posters, calendars and T-shirts. Meanwhile, the cover of US magazine Details sees him wedged in between a model’s legs (a photo shoot that led him in the accompanying interview to say “I’m allergic to vagina” – a quote that will doubtless follow him to his grave). No wonder, with his five-day stubble, unruly sideburns and unkempt James Dean-like mop of hair, he looks a little haggard.

Dressed in black jeans and a forest green puffer jacket, he says much of his day is about maintaining his sanity. “I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to not be seen,” he says. “It’s kind of annoying but the payoff is infinite.

If no-one finds out where you’re staying, if people aren’t following you as soon as you leave your house, if people aren’t waiting outside a restaurant if you have dinner there… then it’s great. People coming up to you in the street – that’s nice. But it’s just when people know they can make money off your life, that’s when it becomes difficult. They’re relentless.”

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