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A few weeks ago we saw the video below and were totally enchanted. We contacted the guy, Douglas Hamilton, who’s a great guy and decided to help him start out on Twitter and we created a website for him. Dougie is also a musician. He writes, plays and sings his own songs (you’ll find one of his songs on his site here). Dougie is Scottish, but is currently living in Australia.  

You can check out the new website we made for him here   you can also follow him on twitter here.  Please also like him on Facebook here. It would be mean a lot to us if you did. The entire ToR team stands besides Dougie and his website. 

Here’s the original video of Dougie with Lion Cubs  

You can see my version of the video after the jump! 

It inspired me to make my own version of the video. 

Yes I’m making videos again, I know it’s been ages since my last one

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