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New Cosmopolis Release dates for France and Germany   1 comment

According to Falcom Media, Swiss Distributor for Cosmopolis in German speaking language countries, the release date in Germany is set for July 5th

New release date for Cosmopolis in France is May 25th (

LeRPattzClub / FalcomMedia 

Bel Ami to be shown at a Midnight Show in Indonesia on April 21   1 comment

Bel Ami will be shown at a midnight show at the 21 Cineplex in Indonesia on April 21st.

Thanks to @AnggiaCullen for the heads up

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Cosmopolis Producer Paulo Branco talks about the movie and Robert Pattinson in a new interview   Leave a comment

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Translation via RP Life

The tv piece starts by describing the movie’s story. In it its mentioned that “Robert Pattinson gets away from the teen themes represented by the Twi Saga to be the lead actor of Cosmopolis”. Then Paulo Branco starts to talk telling that “(Rob) in the beginning refused the role because he had a bit of fear of the challenge imposed by this movie. In this movie he is, from beginning to end, in all photograms (scenes)” It was Paulo Brancos idea of adapting this book to the cinema and Cronenberg was the 1st director that the producer thought of. “It took me a while to get to him because, although I’d already met him, I didn’t know him that well. At first he (Cronenberg) said it was a bit difficult to do it because of other projects he had going. I gave him he book and 24 hours later he phoned me saying “Paulo this is for me! It is the ideal book for me to adapt. Let’s do this” The piece continues by saying that Cosmopolis is one of the movies in competition for the Palme d’Or in Cannes. More than a win, the producer considers the presence of the movie at Cannes as a showroom for the movie to the world.

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Old/New Videos of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene Doing Breaking Dawn Promo in Brussels   1 comment

Here are some old/new videos of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene doing Breaking Dawn promo in Brussels. 

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