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New Pic of Rob with Fan   Leave a comment

New pic of Robert Pattinson with a fan at Coachella.

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New Interviews with Robert Pattinson, David Cronenberg and DonDelillo   4 comments

ETA: Updated with the original interviews from the ‘Cosmopolis’ Production Notes – not translated anymore. Thank you, Robsteners for the link 🙂

Cronenberg and DeLillo interviews – Rob mentions are bolded and underlined.  The interview is pretty spoilery so read at your own risks!


Were you familiar with Don DeLillo’s novel?
No. But I had read some of his other novels. I first read the screenplay David Cronenberg sent me, and then the novel. One is incredibly true to the other, it is faithful in a way that seems impossible, for a novel that see med impossible to adapt. But even before reading the book, what impressed me the most about the script was the quick-paced rhythm and the unrelenting tension.

What was it about this film that appealed to you the most?
Cronenberg, obviously! I have played in only a few films, and none of them came close to what I expected working with him would be like. I wasn’t disappointed… I knew he would be very creative, and that it would be a real experience. And I was appealed by the writing of the script, like a kind of long poem. And a mysterious poem too. Usually when you read a script, you quickly know what it is about, where it is going, how it will end, even if there might be unexpected or sophisticated twists and turns in the plot. But this time it was completely different, the further I read, the less I could figure out where it was leading, and the more I wanted to be a part of it. It doesn’t fit any film genre whatsoever, it is in a league of its own.


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Wide Version of the Cosmopolis French Poster   Leave a comment

Wider Version of the ‘Cosmopolis’ French Poster

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More New/Old Fan Pictures of Rob at the WFE and BD Premieres   Leave a comment

Not sure we posted these before, but rather post double then not 😉

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