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New Cosmopolis Behind the Scenes Pic   1 comment

Official Cosmopolis Site has updated and looks amazing. Check it out here

Also, a new behind the scenes pic of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg in UHQ!


New Bel Ami Scene   2 comments

New Bel Ami scene shown on E! News

Source    Youtube   Via

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*VIDEOS* Bel Ami on Telefé Noticias (Argentina) and Italian Clip   1 comment

Telefé Noticias – Argentina

Screenweek – Italy


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Belgium release date for Cosmopolis   3 comments

According to Cinebel, Cosmopolis Belgium release date is set for May 30, 2012


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Official ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Teaser Poster   2 comments

Here’s the official Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser poster

iTunes trailer / via / via

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Great fanmade Bel Ami themed Robert Pattinson video   1 comment

Verenajj sent us this great video she made. Bel Ami themed Robert Pattinson put to beautiful music!


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