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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson at the Apple Store in 2008   1 comment

Here’s a flashback pic post of Robert Pattinson at the Apple Store in 2008. 

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*Video* Paulo Branco The Producer of Cosmopolis Speaks About the Movie, Cannes and Robert Pattinson Going to Portugal   Leave a comment

Video 1: Translation by CosmopolisFilm

Journalist (J): The film, produced by Paulo Branco Portuguese, will compete for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. The list chosen to tender, selected by the jury, was released this morning in Paris and includes the movie Cosmopolis, directed by David Cronenberg and produced by Paulo Branco. The film has been touted as one of the movies of the year and his debut is generating great expectations. The main actor is Robert Pattinson, star of movies of the Twilight saga, which has built an army of fans around the world.

Video 2: Translation from RP Life:

I: Paulo, good evening. This is the 11th movie that you produce and has been selected to the competition in Cannes – the most important film festival in Europe. From what we saw in the trailer and from the little we know, this is not an European movie. Is this your most important movie?

PB: Well, as a producer I like to think all movies are important, but this one is special, of course. It’s a movie where, for the first time, I worked the way they do on the other side of the Atlantic. It was filmed in Toronto with one of the best directors in the world, David Cronenberg, that was kind enough to listen and accept my proposal, and with great Hollywood actors. And it’s the first time I work on a movie this big and with this budget.

I:We’re talking about a major production?
PB: We’re talking about a medium American production, about 15M Euros. A French-Canadian movie. We had as much support from France as from Canada. Although, it is a budget that indie producers are not used to, especially with the freedom I had to produce this movie: choosing the director, David Cronenberg, and the actors (along with Cronenberg). It was an unique experience. I am proud (for the movie) to be in Cannes now; to be aknowledged. Every movie in Cannes, in competition, they’re not just “another movie”. It’s always something special, someone who has been and follows the festival, can understand.

I:The cast and crew of this movie is impressive. Famous director, David Cronenberg. The main actors are, I should say, even more famous (Juliette Binoche and Robert Pattinson, from the Twilight Saga). I want to know if there’s anything planned for the release of the movie in Portugal in May with them?
PB:Precisely. It was created some sort of empathy with Don de Lillo, David Cronenberg and Robert Pattinson, that since the beginning, when I talked about the idea of doing a small promo tour in Europe to promote the movie, starting in Portugal, they immediately accepted. They’ll be here right after Cannes for the Portuguese premiere of the movie. I think it’s an unique event, for a movie premiere, in Portugal. And an example of professionalism and devotion from the people that worked in this film. For Pattinson, this project is essential. He watched the movie and personally told me that it was, maybe, the project that he was most proud of and wanted to support it wherever it was necessary. Don DeLillo, one of the biggest writers in the world, when saw the movie… (Interviewer interrupts Paulo Branco)

The last question is hard to understand, Paulo Branco talks about Cannes, promoting and selling movies at the festival.

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*Video* Youtube Version and French Version of the Cosmopolis Trailer   Leave a comment

Here’s the Youtube version as well as a French version of the Cosmopolis trailer. 


Bel Ami Stills Featuring Robert Pattinson Now in UHQ   1 comment

Here are some Bel Ami stills featuring Robert Pattinson that are now in UHQ. 

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HD Untagged Screencaps from the Second Cosmopolis Trailer   Leave a comment

HD screencaps from the second Cosmopolis trailer we posted here.

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Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis wallpapers   1 comment

Here are a few Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis wallpapers by @DreamySim1 | Click to make bigger

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Cosmopolis Trailer Reactions   1 comment

Here are some reactions to the Cosmopolis trailer


It’s going to be a freaky time on the Croisette…the most promising non-”Twilight” role forRobert Pattinson yet as the billionaire Eric Packer who has one helluva day in his limousine. Sex, drugs, hallucinations and more cross his path, and for anyone worried Cronenberg had become respectable with “A Dangerous Method” he’s in full form here, even going back to his psycho-sexual roots in what looks like something out of a Terry Gilliam film inspired by an LSD trip.


This trailer expands on the mind-bending bits found in the first, with a great look at what will certainly be Pattinson’s meatiest role yet. I love the imagery Cronenberg is playing with, as it looks to be something straight out of one of his 80s/early 90s classics.

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Tons of Gifs from the New Cosmopolis Trailers   1 comment

You can watch the TWO trailers released earlier today HERE and HERE



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Robert Pattinson to attend Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal?   1 comment

The director David Cronenberg, writer Don DeLilo and actors Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti will come from Cannes to Lisbon, at the end of May for the premiere of the movie “Cosmopolis”, Expresso has learned.

Produced by Paulo Branco, the film has been selected for official competition of the Cannes Film Festival, being the 11th film of the Portuguese producer to earn the distinction.


The Portuguese release date is scheduled for May 31.


Expresso is a reliable Portuguese site. Paulo Branco, Cosmopolis producer, is from Portugal and was responsible for showing the first preview of the movie at the Lisbon and Estoril Festival last year.
The Premiere in Portugal makes sense, but we’ll update when there’s official confirmation.


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Official Announcement: Cosmopolis to be at the Cannes Film Festival – Robert Pattinson to Attend   2 comments

Official announcement: Cosmopolis to be at Cannes film festival.

  • Cosmopolis will be at the Cannes Film Festival and Robert Pattinson will be there.
  • The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16 to May 27.
  • Cosmopolis running time: 1 hr 45 min according to Cannes press kit

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