Robert Pattinson to attend Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal?   1 comment

The director David Cronenberg, writer Don DeLilo and actors Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti will come from Cannes to Lisbon, at the end of May for the premiere of the movie “Cosmopolis”, Expresso has learned.

Produced by Paulo Branco, the film has been selected for official competition of the Cannes Film Festival, being the 11th film of the Portuguese producer to earn the distinction.


The Portuguese release date is scheduled for May 31.


Expresso is a reliable Portuguese site. Paulo Branco, Cosmopolis producer, is from Portugal and was responsible for showing the first preview of the movie at the Lisbon and Estoril Festival last year.
The Premiere in Portugal makes sense, but we’ll update when there’s official confirmation.


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One response to “Robert Pattinson to attend Cosmopolis Premiere in Portugal?

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  1. Hearing that there is a possibility that Rob is going to be in my birth country of Portugal excites me!!!
    Portugal seems to be forgotten. With someone this huge being in Portugal might put us on the map again.
    Wish I was there!!! Maybe he can use a personal guide tour!!!

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