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ToR Sign got signed!   Leave a comment

@Susi_DuCranier was at the Berlin premiere of Bel Ami and was lucky enough to get the Thinking of Rob sign we posted HERE signed by Rob! Thanks for sending us the pic! Did you get yours signed? Or did you get a pic of Rob? We’d love to see them 😉

ToR Signed Signs!! Print Yours and Get it Signed and Send Us a Pic!   1 comment

3 people so far have managed to get their ToR signs signed! One in NYC and two in Berlin. You can click here to get the signs and print them off. Send us pics of you guys with ToR signs and we’ll post them! You guys seriously rock! 

Here’s one from @H2B_AtWar  who got hers signed in NYC 

Here’s a pic @gottcha78 sent to us: the NYC sign in the background 😉

slowie from our site got hers signed in Berlin yesterday 

Bellice Sylvia Redd also got hers signed in Berlin yesterday 

Picture of Robert Pattinson with the Guitar He Signed for Charity Auction   1 comment


Norman’s Rare Guitars

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