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ToR Sign got signed!   Leave a comment

@Susi_DuCranier was at the Berlin premiere of Bel Ami and was lucky enough to get the Thinking of Rob sign we posted HERE signed by Rob! Thanks for sending us the pic! Did you get yours signed? Or did you get a pic of Rob? We’d love to see them ūüėČ

Signed ToR Signs At the London Premiere of Water for Elephants!   Leave a comment

Here’s are some ToR signs that were autographed by Robert Pattinson at the London Premiere! Did you get a ToR sign autographed? If so send us the picture and we’ll post it!¬†

Here’s one from¬†KiPatz¬†signed by Rob & Christoph¬†

We know¬†vampirefreak101¬†has some signed ones as well which we’ll upload when we get the pics!

You can see Rob autographing a sign at around 0:30 in the video below. 

Youtube source: 

ToR Signed Signs!! Print Yours and Get it Signed and Send Us a Pic!   1 comment

3 people so far have managed to get their ToR signs signed! One in NYC and two in Berlin. You can click here to get the signs and print them off. Send us pics of you guys with ToR signs and we’ll post them! You guys seriously rock!¬†

Here’s one from¬†@H2B_AtWar¬†¬†who got hers signed in NYC¬†

Here’s a pic¬†@gottcha78 sent to us: the NYC sign in the background ūüėČ

slowie from our site got hers signed in Berlin yesterday 

Bellice Sylvia Redd also got hers signed in Berlin yesterday 

ToR’s Review of Water for Elephants: “Water for Elephants is the Most Spectacular Show on Earth”   19 comments

Thanks to Fox, we were lucky enough to see Water for Elephants at the Premiere in New York City last Sunday. Here’s our review of the movie.¬†

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel penned by Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants is set during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The movie plunges you into an era where travelling circuses and big tops were all the rage. ¬†Jacob Jankowski (Pattinson,) a¬†veterinary¬†student at Cornell, learns rapidly how life can change with the blink of an eye when his parents die¬†in an accident. Alone with nowhere to go and no money Jacob jumps on a train, which turns out to be owned by the Benzini Brothers, a travelling circus. First seen as an intruder by the owner of the circus, August (cleverly played by Christoph Waltz,) his¬†veterinary¬†skills quickly come in handy and help him find his own place in the circus. When Jacob meets August’s wife Marlena (played by Reese Witherspoon,) he falls under her charm and soon has to deal with the furious temper of a crazed husband.¬†

Ladies and gentleman prepare to be wooed; this is Robert Pattinson¬†like you’ve never seen him before. From laughter to extreme frustration, Pattinson displays a wide array of emotions, showing his worth as an actor. Witherspoon and Waltz also show their amazing Oscar winning¬†capabilities¬†in this movie. As a secondary character, Hal Holbrook plays the part of an older Jacob Jankowski¬†marvellously¬†well. In the fashion of great Hollywood love stories, the transition between “old Jacob” and “young Jacob” is cleverly played.¬†

Water for Elephants is beautifully shot. Francis Lawrence manages to bring an entire era to life on the silver screen. You’ll go through a roller-coaster of emotions, ¬†from laughter to tears. For fans of the book, you will¬†definitely¬†not be disappointed, the screenplay written by Richard LaGravenese, stays true to the book.¬†

Definitely¬†a must see! Water for Elephants is simply the most spectacular show on earth…¬†

ToR Sign Signed By Rob and the Cast of Water for Elephants   11 comments

H2B_AtWar¬†had printed a Thinking of Rob signed and was lucky enough to get it signed by Rob and the entire cast of Water for Elephants! I wish we could have had one signed too, I have to admit I’m a little bit jealous at the moment ūüėČ Thanks to¬†EdwardsVenom¬†for the pics of Rob signing!¬†

Here’s the pic of Rob looking at the sign before signing it =)¬†

What Do You Think of Our New Site? We’d Love to Get Feedback From You Guys!   34 comments

As many of you know, ¬†a few weeks ago we switched back to wordpress after being on another server for more than a year. Sadly we lost a lot of data during the site move, but we’ll try to fix that as soon as possible.

We’ve tried to stay as true to our old template as possible. Sim added a great new Water for Elephants banner in the right sidebar. We’d like to know what you guys think of the new site. ¬†How do you like this site? What do you think we could change that would make it better?¬†We always love getting feedback from you guys! So lurkers come out of hiding and let us know what you think! ūüėČ

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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Disclaimer: No One From ToR Will Be at the Eclipse Premiere   7 comments

Special Disclaimer regarding the Eclipse Premiere:

Due to events that happened during the Remember Me Premiere, where people claimed they were from our site to gain special access, I thought it would be a good idea to get the word out before the event that NO ONE from Thinking of Rob will be present at the Eclipse Premiere in LA on June 24th.

People from ToR have not been present during ANY promotional events except for the Jimmy Kimmel Live Q &A this past week. In fact none of us have ever met Rob or any of his cast mates.

If you meet someone claiming to be from our site they are not, they are posing as us.


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