ToR Sign Signed By Rob and the Cast of Water for Elephants   11 comments

H2B_AtWar had printed a Thinking of Rob signed and was lucky enough to get it signed by Rob and the entire cast of Water for Elephants! I wish we could have had one signed too, I have to admit I’m a little bit jealous at the moment 😉 Thanks to EdwardsVenom for the pics of Rob signing! 

Here’s the pic of Rob looking at the sign before signing it =) 

11 responses to “ToR Sign Signed By Rob and the Cast of Water for Elephants

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  2. That is too cute! Did he say anything? He’s got that one look on his face – the one that’s right between being surprised and saying something clever. It’s the same look my grandma and uncle get.

  3. Rob looked at the poster for a few seconds & said the poster was nice. I told him it was created by one of the bloggers of He told me to tell her (Dreamy) that he liked it & to tell her thanks *dies*

  4. Right before he came to me Robs manager got Deans attention for me when I asking Dean for his autograph. When Dean looked at me I told him there was a Team Dean & that we loved him. Dean, the unbreakable actually smiled. Rob started to laugh & actually had an honest to goodness genuine smile.

    *happy sigh*

    Then I started The Team Dean chant that was herd on the live stream tee hee hee

  5. Awesome sauce A! So cool.

  6. Dreamy’s sign is gorgeous!
    So happy for you H2B! 🙂

  7. Smart thinking to print out that sign for them to autograph! It’s beautiful! Congrats!

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