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BlueWater Comics sent us a copy of  “Fame: Robert Pattinson” for Review. We’re a bit late doing the review, sorry for the delay. Huge thanks to our guest poster AccentonLife for writting this article for ToR.

OK, let’s be honest here. If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson (or even a regular visitor to this site), you already know the information in Fame: Robert Pattinson. But, for $3.99, it’s a worthwhile investment.

In this comic, you learn briefly about Pattinson’s early life. (The illustrations of his parents and of his two sisters dressing him up are easily two of the most amusing in the comic.) It then takes readers through his early film roles up to his part as Georges Duroy in Bel Ami. Pattinson’s story is told through an intriguing blend of narrative bits, illustrations and quotes from the actor himself.

The storytelling relates in some way back to the movies Pattinson has been in, but the authors find a way to stretch discussion of movie roles into discussions about his life in general. For example, part of the discussion about The Haunted Airman deals with Pattinson smoking and how many times he is photographed with a cigarette, relating it back to how many times his character lights up in that film. The authors also talk about Pattinson’s musical abilities as part of a discussion about the Twilight soundtrack.

The illustrations themselves are, in an odd way, rather interesting. The cover is the closest likeness. The inside illustrations, while portraying him in memorable poses and pieces of clothing, certainly are of that comic book/anime variety. Pattinson is often portrayed, particularly for professional photoshoots such as the one he did for GQ, in a suave, sophisticated manner. It’s interesting to see him portrayed in the slightly less perfect light of comic drawing – more angular, additional lines, harsher scruff. Nevertheless, fans will be satisfied with just how realistic these images are.

The collages are also fun. There is one that pieces together the book covers of the Twilight saga and another that illustrates some of his early roles. It’s not quite a “Where’s Waldo,” but it’s entertaining to see what you spot in them.

Perhaps the best thing about this comic is the use of quotes from Pattinson. They are scattered throughout the comic and provide a bit of insight into his thoughts on fame and the movies he’s done. One such quote is particularly perceptive: “I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to be so famous. It all comes down to those 5 minutes of emotions that you give to people and that’s nice to feel. It’s part of the magic and everything that comes from making movies. The expectations, the dreams, the fantasies; it’s all an illusion. I’m a very normal guy, I can promise you that.”

Perhaps that sums up both Pattinson and this comic best. For fans, this will be another piece to add to the collection.

You can purchase Fame here on Amazon.

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