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E! News So True So False Eclipse – Rob wrote songs for Biggie?   1 comment

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New 'Eclipse' Volvo Commercial   4 comments

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Ashley & Kellan Mention Rob in Their Interviews With   2 comments

Ashley and Kellan talked to about filming during Eclipse, and both mentioned Rob:

I hear you haven’t seen Eclipse yet.

I’m going to wait. I want to see it at the premiere. I think if you’re going to go, go all out. So I want to be there with the fans. It’s always fun to hear their reaction; if you’re character gets hit they cringe and groan, and then they scream when Rob comes on, so it’ll be fun. Plus, I want to see it for the first time with all my friends and family.


What was it like working with David Slade?

He’s really cool. I’m really a big fan. 30 Days of Night is such a great, epic vampire movie, and Hard Candy is such an intense mental movie, so he’s a great director for this kind of dark, edgy movie. He was never stressed and he always had this dry sense of humour that I loved. Some people didn’t get it, like Rob [Pattinson] would just not understand his jokes, which made me laugh even more.

Read the rest of their interviews for more deets on Eclipse.

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New Photo of Rob in 'Por Ti' Untagged   1 comment


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New Remember Me Wallpaper   2 comments

Here’s a great new Remember Me wallpaper made by MissAmyJoon

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Rob talks about soccer in New Interview with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni   3 comments

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Read The Interview After The Jump!

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What is Rob's best quality according to Kristen?   1 comment

At 3:20 and 4:20

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Exclusive MySpace Interview with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Robert Pattinson Exclusive Interview,t=1,mt=video
Trailer Park Movies | MySpace Video



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*NEW* Edward and Bella in the meadow still   1 comment

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EW Eclipse Interview Teaser- Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner   2 comments

Entertainment Weekly sat down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner for a feature interview running in this week’s magazine to discuss the world they inhabit within the Twilight universe — both on screen and off.  The three young stars opened up about coping under the glare of intense media spotlight, how they rely on one another to pull through, what they think of the upcoming final movie, Breaking Dawn, what lies ahead once the franchise wraps, and much more. In this preview, the three stars talk about gearing up for the final chapter of the saga that has changed each of their lives forever.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You guys are about to start shooting the two Breaking Dawn movies back to back. You signed on to this franchise before Breaking Dawn was written. When you read it, were you thinking, How is this going to be turned into a movie?
KRISTEN STEWART: Yeah, definitely. What is Renesmee going to look like? Is it going to be this little teeth-baby running around? It’s going to be weird.
ROBERT PATTINSON: [Laughs] “Little teeth-baby.”
STEWART: Yeah, but I think it’s going to be cool. One of the main objectives of the series is to get Bella to a point where she’s mature enough to make such a hefty decision, and she goes through a lot. In the fourth one, she is going to become a wife. She is going to become a mom. She is going to become an adult and a vampire. To do it so young, it needs to be believable. So I’m really excited about playing that.

Some people read Breaking Dawn as very pro-life and Mormon because Bella decides to have her baby even though it’s endangering her life. Did any of that bother you when you read the book?
STEWART: No, because it made sense. Not wanting to give up the baby is about her holding onto that last thing that she would have to give up if she was not human anymore. Right after she and Edward sleep with each other for the first time, she
says, “Oh, f***, I might want to be human for a little bit longer.” The baby is just an even more intense version of that.
PATTINSON: I think people make up all these Mormon references just so they can publish Twilight articles in respectable publications like the New York Times. Even Stephenie [Meyer, author of the Twilight novels] said it doesn’t mean any of that. It is based on a dream.

The Breaking Dawn movies are the last in the series. How do you feel about all of this coming to a conclusion soon?
STEWART: In terms of shooting them, they’re almost done. We’re going to be done by March.
TAYLOR LAUTNER: It will be so weird, the last day of filming that last movie.
STEWART: It will be sad, too. It’s been one of the most crazy, indulgent experiences as an actor, to be able to follow a character for this long.
LAUTNER: I think stopping will be very weird.
STEWART: It will just feel like a chapter has been closed.
LAUTNER: A big chapter.
STEWART: I’m going to be like, “But wait, there’s this scene…”

For more from the three stars of the Twilight movies, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, June 25.

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