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E! News So True So False Eclipse – Rob wrote songs for Biggie?   1 comment

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New 'Eclipse' Volvo Commercial   4 comments

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Ashley & Kellan Mention Rob in Their Interviews With   2 comments

Ashley and Kellan talked to about filming during Eclipse, and both mentioned Rob:

I hear you haven’t seen Eclipse yet.

I’m going to wait. I want to see it at the premiere. I think if you’re going to go, go all out. So I want to be there with the fans. It’s always fun to hear their reaction; if you’re character gets hit they cringe and groan, and then they scream when Rob comes on, so it’ll be fun. Plus, I want to see it for the first time with all my friends and family.


What was it like working with David Slade?

He’s really cool. I’m really a big fan. 30 Days of Night is such a great, epic vampire movie, and Hard Candy is such an intense mental movie, so he’s a great director for this kind of dark, edgy movie. He was never stressed and he always had this dry sense of humour that I loved. Some people didn’t get it, like Rob [Pattinson] would just not understand his jokes, which made me laugh even more.

Read the rest of their interviews for more deets on Eclipse.

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New Photo of Rob in 'Por Ti' Untagged   1 comment


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New Remember Me Wallpaper   2 comments

Here’s a great new Remember Me wallpaper made by MissAmyJoon

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Rob talks about soccer in New Interview with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni   3 comments

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Read The Interview After The Jump!

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What is Rob's best quality according to Kristen?   1 comment

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