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New ET Rob Interview   1 comment

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'Eclipse' Producer Wyck Godfrey on David Slade, 'Breaking Dawn', & More   2 comments

Why was David Slade the right choice to direct Eclipse?

Honestly, I loved Hard Candy. Ever since I saw that movie I was sending him everything I had. I loved the performances he got from Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page, I loved the filmmaking and the way he kept one small house, and many times one small room, alive and tense and exciting for an entire movie. And then, I saw 30 Days of Night and liked the genre elements of that, and how he had a real vision for how he wanted that world to look. That was kind of the perfect combination: his ability to tell a story and elicit amazing performances in Hard Candy, and to create a world in 30 Days of Night, which were sort of the combined qualities we were looking for in a director. So, coming off of Chris [Weitz], who is a really classic filmmaker and creates beautiful imagery, but very romantic imagery, we wanted to go in a little bit of a different direction and create something that had a little bit more anxiety and edge to it, as Bella really struggled with her choices, between Jacob and Edward, between becoming a vampire and staying human… we thought [David’s] style would bring a lot to all of that stuff.

Along those lines, what makes Bill Condon right for Breaking Dawn?

The themes and the story of Breaking Dawn are very mature; Bella and Edward are going through very adult things, from marriage to childbirth, motherhood, parenthood, and the evolution of their relationship into something that is a partnership, which is not the way Edward has viewed this relationship with her before. Bill’s a very mature filmmaker; he’s dealt with very difficult themes and stories in his career. He’s also gotten Academy Award nominations for actors in the last three films that he’s done.  And from a performance standpoint, Kristen’s going to be diving into stuff that she hasn’t been through. It’s one thing that she can remember first love and falling in love and being torn between two guys, probably, but the idea of dealing with some of these issues and having a filmmaker that can really help them as actors was vital to Breaking Dawn. Also, the visual nature of Dreamgirls made us feel like he could create something with a real scope and grandeur to it.

There’s also his earlier work: Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh, Sister, Sister…

He’s a genre guy! That’s really exciting, that in some ways he’ll be coming full circle and utilizing his early roots with the stuff he’s been doing recently. I think that’ll be fun for him.

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Video: Complete Eclipse Convention (30 Minutes)   1 comment

stairway to heaven from Robert Pattinson on Vimeo.

tinkrbe1l3 Via Lion & Lamb

New Photoshoot Pics of Robert Pattinson from the Press Junket   3 comments

Here are some awesome new pics of Robert Pattinson from the photoshoot at the Eclipse press junket.


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The Many Faces of Robert Pattinson   7 comments

I found this great article the only role they did was forgot was Rob’s role in The Rings of the Nibelungs.

Robert Pattinson may be the heart throb of teen girls everywhere but just a few years ago he was a struggling actor just looking to find his break in Hollywood. In The Many Faces of Robert Pattinson we take a look at his career the roles he has played and where he is going from here.

Despite the fact that many think that Robert Pattinson is nothing more then a teen heart throb his young career clearly shows that he is much about films with substance as he is about being a star. Twilight has made Robert a household name but believe it or not Robert Pattinson has played much more then just a vampire.


Vanity Fair: Robert Pattinsons first role was in Vanity Fair where he played Rawdy Crawley in a small role. Vanity Fair based in Elizabethan times is about a poor woman named Becky Sharp ( played by Reese Witherspoon ) who despite growing up in poverty defies the social ladder to advance her life. It follows the span of 20 years.


Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire: After Vanity Fair Robert had a few small roles but his next big one was Harry Potter which is quite ironic considering he goes on to be the lead in the teen sensation of Twilight which is really a successor to Harry Potter in my books. Robert Pattinson played the role of Cedric Diggory one of 2 Hogwarts Champions in the Triwizard Tournaments.


The Haunted Airman: After Harry Potter Robert Pattinson took on a much more serious role in The Haunted Airman where he played an injured RAF pilot named Toby Jugg who confined to a wheelchair who is committed to an eerie hospital where he starts to lose his mind.

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GIFs of Robert Pattinson – Access Hollywood Interview   1 comment

Here are some GIFs of Robert Pattinson from his Access Hollywood interview made by @MyFairyTaleLife


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New Robert Pattinson Wallpaper   1 comment

Here’s a great new Robert Pattinson wallpaper made by myfairytalelife

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Video: Robert Pattinson's Complete Press Conference With Transcript   6 comments

*Update with Transcript*

Robert Pattinson Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Q: What drives you to succeed?

Robert: Probably fear of failure and an inadequacy complex.

Q: This role is considered a romantic hero, but Edward is also very possessive. How do you think Edward has changed, throughout the films?

Robert: In the first two movies, he feels desolation from reality, so when he finds one thing to hold onto, that’s where the possessiveness comes from. I think, as the series goes on, he accepts more of the contemporary world. All the things that were deemed to be flawed before start fading away, and that’s how I’m trying to play him. He’s coming out of his shell a little bit in Eclipse, so hopefully, by the end of Breaking Dawn, he’ll be a normal 17-year-old guy, who’s just a little bit pale.

Q: What’s the one part of your costume that always transforms you into character?

Robert: Probably the contact lenses. They make me miserable, as soon as I put them in. That’s what creates the pouting and brooding character.

Q: Did you have to learn anything new for Eclipse?

Robert: I guess I had to learn how to run properly. In the last two, I ran in a limp slash-skip, and I had to look like I could run more solidly this time. So, I spent a lot of time on a giant treadmill, like one of those wheels mice run around on, and got filmed doing it to improve my form.

Q: Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone for the love of a woman?

Robert: Yeah, probably. But, I don’t know if it was about love. It was more pride.

Q: Have you ever competed for a woman with another guy, the way Edward does with Jacob?

Robert: Compete? No, I haven’t. I’m not good at doing it. I just leave it alone. And also, if you are the one with the girl in the first place, maybe you’re forced into fighting a little bit. But, I would never be in Jacob’s position. Then, you’re just the guy that broke up the couple.

Q: What was it like to work more closely with Taylor Lautner this time around?

Robert: Yeah, it was good because I never do anything with anyone, but Kristen, except for brief things. But, it’s about letting Edward have petty emotions, like being jealous of Jacob and not being able to control himself around him because he gets under his skin so much. It became much easier to play much bigger scopes of emotion, once you let someone else get through your armor. So, doing that with Taylor was great. He’s really good, too.

Q: Was there a scene in particular that you most enjoyed?

Robert: Some scenes, it was just quite cool to have him there. I like the scenes where Bella has to reveal something about herself in front of Jacob and me, at the same time. It’s an extra thing to relate to. Most of the time, it’s just with Bella and she’s trying to convey something to Edward, and Edward is being totally sympathetic to her seeing another guy and seeing it’s not just about their relationship, it’s about some other person. It made it a little more interesting.

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Eclipse Press Junket Day 2   2 comments

Here’s a post for the second day of the press junket with tweets and pics (if there are any). We’ll keep updating as things come in.


@patrickstoner Rob says that he’s still flabbergasted that he “fell into” HP and the Twilight hit but he says it’s not the hardest job.

@rozweston Kristen admits having to fully re-shoot famous tent scene. Said she wasn’t “going to lie and say it was great”

@rozweston Taylor on the Jacob/Bella kiss “its a 10. Its the greatest movie kiss ever. Its was perfect.” Also, “RPatz is Dashing”

@rozweston Rob: “Taylor’s full of it. The Edward/Bella kiss is WAY better that the Jacob 1. Please, ive won 2 MTV awards 4 my kissing!”

@rozweston: R “Tay had a wig in the first, Kristen wore one in this – I want a combo of them both for the next movie. With a pony tail.”

@Patrickstoner Final comment on interviews: both Rob & Taylor say Kristen’s calm and advice were what they turned to while shooting.#eclipse #r-patz

@eTalkCTV: Bryce told us she’s team Edward all the way, and it wasn’t weird meeting Rob because she can separate him from his character.

@eTalkCTV: In our interview with Rob Pattinson he did not put his hands through his newly chopped hair once! Is this surprising!?

@eTalkCTV: Rob told us his best day on-set was the 1st day of filming because for a lot of this movie, E & B are happy & in a good place.

@eTalkCTV: Rob said he wasn’t ok with Bella kissing Jacob right in front of Edward – “I’d break up with a girl if she did that!”

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And More Pics of Robert Pattinson at Twi-Tour   2 comments

Here are more pics of Robert Pattinson from last night at Twi-Tour. These are mostly solo pics.


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