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David Slade Talks About Eclipse and Making Edward Dangerous   6 comments

More The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Videos


Thanks to @MariahajilE for the tip.

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All of Rob's Backstage Interviews at the MTV Movie Awards in 1 video   4 comments

Source via RPLife

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Bret Easton Ellis Says He'd Rather Hang Out With Rob than Richard Ford   1 comment

Bret Easton Ellis, the author of novels like Less Than Zero, Rules of Attraction and American Psycho, mentioned Rob and Twilight in an interview with NY Mag:

Imperial Bedrooms was, in a way, a side project. But it’s also part of the processing of his past, and of his return to L.A., where his friends are “directors, actors, producers, people I’m involved with in various projects,” he says. Ellis has always been seduced by money and fame, and that hasn’t changed. “Maybe it’s a weird strain of anti-intellectualism,” he says, but if given a choice he’d rather “hang out with Rob Pattinson than Richard Ford.”

And he also mentions that Gus Van Sant was trying to direct Breaking Dawn:

Van Sant, meanwhile, was trying to get the gig to direct Twilight. “You can make a lot of money doing that,” Ellis whispers, so lightly that it doesn’t get picked up by my tape recorder.

Read Full interview via RPLife

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1930s Style Pics of Robert Pattinson on the Set of Water for Elephants Today   3 comments

Here are thirties style pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Water for Elephants today.

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New GQ Robert Pattinson Wallpaper   2 comments

Here’s a great new GQ Robert Pattinson wallpaper made by DreamySim1

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Audio: Robert Pattinson talks about how he approaches work   4 comments


From RobPattzNews:

Thanks to KstewRobFans for transcribing the short clip which we assume is coming from the Eclipse electronic press junket. But not sure. Take a listen either way!

“[I have very specific] ideas about how i want to do my work and how I want to be perceived…i don’t listen to anyone else…can’t stand if someone is trying to tell me to do something…it’s probably a mistake sometimes…i like being meticulous and it’s quite difficult as an actor to have that much control…”

*update* Audio vid added

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New Pictures of Rob on the set of Water for Elephants   2 comments


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