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New Robert Pattinson interview with ‘The Guardian’   1 comment

Here’s a new interview of Robert Pattinson with The Guardian


It is one of this summer’s four perfect days, a Friday afternoon to boot, and London’s most smug are bunking off work and descending like fashionable, tanned zombies on Shoreditch House members’ club. Meanwhile in a joyless, north-facing, little-used room called the Library you’ll find Robert Pattinson, the 29-year-old British actor. He’s not tanned; famously, he has the pallor of an eternally youthful bloodsucker. He’s not smug either; in fact it would be hard to find someone less pleased with themselves. And he’s come to Shoreditch House today to work – to do interviews anyway, one of the least enjoyable elements of a job that he’s not convinced he’s especially good at.

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Juliette Binoche mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with The Guardian   Leave a comment

From The Guardian:

You had a cameo in Cosmopolis, playing Robert Pattison’s art dealer and lover …

That was great. I was astonished to see how much of a cinephile Robert was, and how ambitious – he wants to produce and has strong views of what he wants to do in the movie world.


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Cosmopolis and Robert Pattinson on The Guardian’s ’50 Biggest Films of 2012′ List & Life after Twilight and Harry Potter   3 comments

The Guardian (UK) has listed Cosmopolis on their 50 Biggest Films to Watch in 2012 list.

From The Guardian: 

Robert Pattinson already looks to be forging the most interesting post-Twilight career of its leads, and here he teams up with David Cronenberg for an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel. Cosmopolis is a modern answer to Joyce’s Ulysses: one day in the life of asset manager Eric Packer, who loses billions of dollars in the financial markets in a 24-hour period as his limo traverses New York.

Rob’s life after Twilight & Harry Potter

Arguably, it’s Pattinson who looks to be making the most interesting moves. At 25, he’s the oldest, and cut his teeth as Cedric Diggory in the Potter films. In the past he has demonstrated a literary/artistic bent (he played Salvador Dalí in his last pre-Twilight film, Little Ashes), and he’s going down that road again next year, with Bel Ami (released 2 March), an adaptation of the Maupassant novel. Later in the year we should be getting Cosmopolis, another literary adaptation (of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel), which has Pattinson as a mega-rich asset manager stuck in a limo for 24 hours. The director is David Cronenberg, so chances are this will be pretty special.


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Video: New Robert Pattnson Interview with The Guardian UK   Leave a comment

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