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New Robert Pattinson interview with ‘The Guardian’   1 comment

Here’s a new interview of Robert Pattinson with The Guardian


It is one of this summer’s four perfect days, a Friday afternoon to boot, and London’s most smug are bunking off work and descending like fashionable, tanned zombies on Shoreditch House members’ club. Meanwhile in a joyless, north-facing, little-used room called the Library you’ll find Robert Pattinson, the 29-year-old British actor. He’s not tanned; famously, he has the pallor of an eternally youthful bloodsucker. He’s not smug either; in fact it would be hard to find someone less pleased with themselves. And he’s come to Shoreditch House today to work – to do interviews anyway, one of the least enjoyable elements of a job that he’s not convinced he’s especially good at.

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