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Flashback Pic Post: Robert Pattinson in Cannes in 2012   Leave a comment

Here’s a flashback pic post of Robert Pattinson in Cannes in 2012


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Robert Pattinson to Co-Star in ‘The Childhood of a Leader’   3 comments


From Variety

Juliette Binoche, Tim Roth and Robert Pattinson are attached to “The Childhood of a Leader,” a new drama directed by Brady Corbet, Variety has learned.

The pic is Corbet’s feature directorial debut, after winning honorable mention at Sundance in 2009 for his short “Protect You + Me.”

The drama, which tells the childhood of a post-World War I leader, is tentatively scheduled to shoot in Europe starting in May. Corbet co-wrote the script with Mona Fastvold, the director of the upcoming Sundance drama “The Sleepwalker.” It will be produced by Antoine and Martine de Clermont-Tonnere, Chris Coen and Amour Fou.

Corbet, the star of this year’s Sundance indie “Simon Killer,” just wrapped roles in Noah Baumbach’s “While We’re Young,” Andrea Di Stefano’s “Paradise Lost” and Bertrand Bonello’s “Saint Laurent.”


Juliette Binoche mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview with The Guardian   Leave a comment

From The Guardian:

You had a cameo in Cosmopolis, playing Robert Pattison’s art dealer and lover …

That was great. I was astonished to see how much of a cinephile Robert was, and how ambitious – he wants to produce and has strong views of what he wants to do in the movie world.


Juliette Binoche Talks About Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis   Leave a comment


I’m 41 years and I understand what is the problem, says her/his character in the film. Life is too contemporary.

Don DeLillo’s writing – and the film is very faithful to the novel – it was for me the extraordinary discovery of a universe.

A cold world, without humanity. That forces us to face the nightmare of desire, anxiety to possess everything, the obsession to win, to climb higher up, looking for a “more” is not there.

Although his character is very contemporary, mixing sex and business, and perhaps no longer believe in anything, not even art. What effect did it?

Didi Fincher is a lost woman, just like Eric Packer is lost. It’s just one person, its apparent weight is actually a hiding place where reigns anxiety. Cosmopolis speaks of our need to procure money, sex, power and mix everything. A very dangerous game.

Io Donna: Robert Pattinson, who is the lead in Cosmopolis, is a global icon, a living image of beauty and youth. A perfect choice.

Juliette: I met Robert for the first time on set. I must admit I never saw any of his films. And I discovered in him a fierce passion for cinema, he knows the cinema much better than I do. It was lovely and fun to work with him, he’s a man who’s very ambitious, he will produce and direct his own films one day.

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Cosmopolis Clip now in HD   3 comments

In French with English subtitles

Click here or on the pic to watch the video

In French without subtitles

Click here or on the pic to watch the video


Screenslam – Who Joins Robert Pattinson in the Wild Ride of COSMOPOLIS?   1 comment

From Screenslam

As everyone knows by now that Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer in David Cronenberg‘s Cosmopolis. What they might not know is who is Rob’s supporting cast. From the masterful Paul Giamatti, and the fresh talents of Sarah Gadon and Jay Baruchel to French luminaries Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric, Cronenberg has assembled an impressive cast. Pattinson sums up the ensemble cast:“All the actors come from different backgrounds, have different personalities and have all done completely different kinds of movies. They didn’t know a lot about the film, but everybody wants to work with David and that’s why they’re here.”


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NEW Cosmopolis Stills featuring Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon, Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti   1 comment

NEW Cosmopolis still featuring Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon. See the other stills after the jump!

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