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We worked all afternoon on this and we are done! It’s not always easy to hear what they’re saying so if you caught something we didn’t please let us know.

 Intro: Please stop talking I’m just going to get right to it. So let’s bring out some of the …. (screaming). Please welcome to the stage the Director, Chris Weitz. (screams) She plays Alice Cullen in the film (screaming) and here’s Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart. Welcome the actor playing Jacob Black, Taylor Lautner. And I think we have one  more cast member backstage (screaming) Give it up for Edward Cullen himself, Robert Pattinson (Screaming)


I speak on everyone’s behalf when I say guys thanks for coming.

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Okay so let’s get right into it. I’d like to  throw a  question to Chris first if you wouldn’t mind.

Panelist: How did you become a fan of the Twilight books and why did you want to direct the movie?

Chris: I’ve been stalking Rob Pattinson for the last 10 years, so whenever I got a chance to get within touching distance of him I jumped at the opportunity.  Actually I think it’s an extraordinary cast that was assembled for the first film and I was very keen to work with them and like most people of the male gender I hadn’t read Twilight before the possibility of the film came up but once I read it I realized that it dealt with all these deep emotions that everyone feels. First love, heartbreak and the ecstasy of reunion and having been dumped so many times in my life I felt like I could also sympathize with Bella’s character.

Panelist: Alright I’m going to throw this next question out to Ashley, because you weren’t here last year. You probably heard how excited the fans were with all the cast coming and stuff, so, I want to know what it’s been like for you this past year.

Ashley: It’s been incredible, I mean, to be a part of this incredible franchise and we’ve got amazing fans and it’s, I mean, all of you people here are all so supportive and great so it’s been really fun to be a part of it and I, you know, learned it’s fun and it’s kind of my first job really, so it’s an incredible first job.

Panelist: Taylor, we talked about this a little earlier today but everybody else out there wants to know about Jacob Black’s transformation in the movie. Can you talk a little bit about that and then. What you had to do to transform yourself.

Taylor: Yeah, well Jacob he goes through a lot in this movie. He transforms mentally and emotionally, which is extremely important, but the most challenging for me personally was physically. So I had a lot of hard work cut out for me after filming Twilight. So, yeah, I worked really hard to try to transform Jacob’s body so I could portray him correctly for you guys and I hope you guys are pleased when you see the results.

Panelist: Kristen, I want to throw this next question out to you. In the Twilight Saga series, Bella’s story arc really starts to develop in New Moon, she’s faced with tremendous conflicts and becomes the real protagonist in this film. So I just wanted to know if it was more difficult to prepare for this movie, than it was for Twilight.

Kristen: It wasn’t about the preparation, I mean,  It was definitely harder to do this movie just because going through what I had to go through. I think she’s less protagonist at the beginning of the story which makes it more powerful when she finally snaps back. She’s literally, like, completely a non-participant in her own life, she basically dies. So yeah to snap back from that was not that easy.

Panelist: And Rob, we also had a chance to talk about this a little earlier, but in the book even though you leave Bella, you’re very much an integral part of her story because you’re constantly in her thoughts, so I know this can be challenging to represent on screen, so I was just wondering how you went about doing that with Chris, representing that.

Rob: Okay, is it on (speaking about his mic)? I did very little to help the situation Chris and the special effects team designed everything, which basically allowed me to stand on a green box and look and stay relatively expressionless and all these machines did the acting for me. Just the way I like it (laughs). (screaming) looks good I hope.

Panelist: Well Chris to piggyback off of that I think you brought something for us right?

Chris: Because we really appreciate all of the energy and devotion that you’ve brought, and in spite of however glib I may seem, I really do appreciate the tremendous love that the Twilight fans bring to the books. Our fidelity to the books is the key to making the movies work and thanks to you, we have brought this following clip from the movie.

(Clip cut out)

Intro done by the panelist.

Q: Hi, my question is for the gentleman in the plaid, you look familiar but I can’t place you. Oh, yeah, umm, Rob, that’s it. Rob, I saw you in How To Be and I thought it was an excellent movie and I thought that your mannerisms and facial expressions, like, lent themselves really well to comedy so I was wondering if you’re thinking of doing anymore comedic roles in the future? It’s not a trick question.

Rob: Ummm yeah, I mean, why not? I mean, I don’t know if I’m particularly funny, I mean one of my legs is shorter than the other one so it makes everything look very awkward so I can just pretty much look like an idiot but I don’t know whether I can be like witty. It could be a problem.

Q: It’s still funny though the palsy chicken run. I like that. I think it’s awesome.

Rob: (laughs) Thanks (laughs)

Q: (Girl sings: “What you want baby I’ve got it”) That’s for you and you. But anyway what I wanted to know, throughout the four book series, what I noticed that, what you guys’ darkest part of your character is that you’re all very selfish and so I wanted to know, what part of you did you actually have to really bring out to really portray that.
(Cast laughs)

Panelist: I think she meant that in a positive way.

Ashley: I mean it’s not that hard to be selfish, really. I mean everyone, as a human is kind of selfish so…

Panelist: Let’s flip the question and say what of yourself did you bring to the respective character.

Ashley: I mean I think with Alice, I had alot of fun playing her because she’s very optimistic and positive and I definitely try and be positive and generally a very happy person and you know, I just, there’s a really intense bond that she has with her family and I kind of have the same bond with my personal family so I definitely use that.

Panelist: Kristen? Should we just go downward?

Kristen: What do I have in common with my character?

Panelist: Yeah, what did you bring from yourself into the character?

Kristen: I think Bella, I think the question started out right, she’s like intent on doing what she needs to do for herself and not being ashamed of it. And even when she changes her mind it’s okay, she’s sort of everywhere, I mean talk about mood swings. But, like she’s not ashamed of it you know? She doesn’t have to explain herself she just feels what she feels and like that’s it. Especially him (points at Taylor or Jacob? Not sure)

Taylor: I would hope that most of my close friends and family or people that know me, would say that I’m more like Jacob’s pre-transformation side. Because that’s before he goes wacko. So yeah, I hope I’m more like friendly and outgoing than this dark, disturbed person, this monster. Actually I don’t think he’s a monster.

Kristen: You’re not a monster.

Taylor: Yeah you’re right (laughs).

Panelist: Rob?

Rob: I kind of… Chris do you think that I’m similar to my character?

Chris: I’ve noticed that you’re very cold to the touch and have skin like marble and that you glow like a diamond when the sun hits you.

Rob: (laughs)Yeah I kind of, I look a bit like him.

Q: Can you give me any advice on being a better Dracula (guy dressed like a vampire)

Panelist: Advice on being a better vampire…

Kristen: He said “Dracula”

Panelist: Or Dracula. you’re absolutely right there’s a difference.

Q: I look too much like you Robert.

Panelist: Alright let’s move on to the next question. Although I did want to ask, while we’re queing up, Kristen. Did you ride the motorcycle, actually did you get to ride that or do any of your stunts?

Kristen: No, I sort of got in the back of this really dorky rigged type thing and it wasn’t cool.

Panelist: Maybe next time?

Kristen: Umm, yeah, no.


Q: This question is for Rob, and my name is Nanette, and I’m in love with your music, and your style. I just wanted to say would you ever be interested in doing open mic nights ever again, um, even with the fame?

Rob: Uh *laughs* um. Yeah, I mean, I would. I’m just too, I’m kind of, uh, a pussy, I guess. That’s the problem. But, no, I’d love to. I think, I think everybody should do open mics. I think it’s very healthy for your, for your soul. So yeah, I’d love to do it again, but, uh, I dunno. It’s kinda like I’m cutting a record if I do open mic now, so. *mouth pop* I dunno.

Audience member: So don’t record his songs!

Rob: What?

Q: Have any of you guys seen the New Moon trailer fan reaction videos?  If you have seen them, what do you think, and are you afraid?

Chris: Uh, I, and everybody in the editing room, uh, and the people working on visual effects, have seen the fan reaction videos, and we could not be more pleased and tickled by them.  Um, some of them are very intense in their reactions. Uh, and I wouldn’t want to get them mad at me by getting anything wrong in the movie. But, uh, to be honest, really, actually, the editor, Peter Lambert and I, were talking about how we should do a fan reaction video to the fan reaction videos, because, um, it’s just incredibly amusing, and it’s inspiring in these very dark and long days, uh, when we work at the rather tedious job of putting together the little bits of film. We love them.

Well alright.

Q: I was just wondering, my question is for everyone, um, how has it been different to film in Vancouver, as opposed to Portland? And how is the, um, the fan response to it been different from the first filming?

Ashley: Um, hi guys! Um, it’s, I mean, I think Portland’s a lot more, Portland has a lot more of an “edge” to it. Um, just, to start with. I think that the difference, I mean, for me, anyways, is that there’s definitely a bigger following. There are a lot more people that are aware of who we are. Um, and so there’s a huge difference in the fact that there’s a ton of fans versus just a couple here and there in Portland.

Taylor: But both places are cold and wet. They’re beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just not fun not wearing any clothes there. (screaming)

Q: Chris, while we’re waiting, I’m gonna ask you, what did you find to be the biggest challenge? Was there a scene or moment, or technical aspect that was the biggest challenge in this film?

Chris: Uh, there are a lot of challenges to this film, um, because of, because of the werewolves, because of the trip to Italy. There are a lot of logistical challenges, which are rather boring, so I won’t even enumerate them, I’ll just say that the wolves are gonna be great. (a couple of yells) Filming in Italy was a tremendous challenge, because, everybody knew that we were going to be in Montepulciano. And I mean EVERYBODY, and, uh, everywhere that the camera wasn’t pointed, there were hundreds of, um, of fans there. And it wasn’t so much that we minded them being there, it was great. As a matter of fact, people applauded after every take, which is unheard of, it was like doing theater or something. (laughter) Um, but, uh, but actually, uh, it was just the sheer logistics of, of getting through all the fans to get to where we had to stand by the camera. There was one moment where I really had to go to the bathroom, but, um, there was not a single cafe that I could walk into where I wouldn’t be mobbed. And by the way, that’s not because I’m ME, it just because, uh people were interested to see if I could set up a meeting with Rob, or with another member of the cast. Uh, so that was quite difficult, actually, but it was also quite intriguing and funny, in it’s own way.

Q: Taylor this is for you. How is it filming, like, half naked with the random weather conditions in Vancouver? And also for fans who want to see it, can you do a back flip for us? (screaming)

Chris: I’m just gonna say, please don’t because we don’t want you to hurt yourself.

Taylor: Alright, let me answer the first half of that.

Audience Member: Ok.

Taylor: It was, it was quite cold. Umm and she got to, I mean… We did this scene where it was raining and umm, it wasn’t really raining and um, it wasn’t really raining that day, or actually a little bit but, we needed it to rain harder so we used this rain tower rain, which is straight from the wells? Is that true?

Chris: It’s cold to start with.

Taylor: It’s so cold. So yeah, all I was wearing was jean shorts, and to have to, it was a long scene and to have to stand out there, and we did that scene all day long, you know, for twelve hours. It was really really cold, so it was hard, but I’m…doing it all for you guys.

Q: Hi, my question is for the whole cast. When you were filming New Moon, what was the funniest memory you have on set?

Chris: I think it was seeing me on set everyday….pretending to be the director.

Taylor: With your stick?

Chris: I uh, I grew attached, because we shot a lot of scenes to the forest, to having a stick on hand, kind of like Gandalf the wizard. Under the assumption that it would give me an air of authority, which it absolutely didn’t. I suppose that would be the most unintentionally funny monent.

Kristen: I like the way your clothes fit you. It was freezing cold and he would wear, like you know, at least six different shirts when he could have worn one big sweater, but it was like (motions of pulling her shirt down).

Chris: It was always because I had it in the back of my mind that I always thought that, you know, on the days when, you know Taylor and Kristen are in the rain what I’ll do like, is I’ll actually, to show fellow feeling, is I’ll just wear a t-shirt, or even you know, just strip down, and then I saw them. I was like, screw that, it’s pretty cold so, give me some extra layers.

Q: Hi, my name is Debra, and I was fortunate enough to be an extra on this set in Italy. I happened to be traveling over there with my mom and got picked to be an extra. But, I wanted to find out from the cast members that were there, what was your favorite memory of filming in Italy?

Kristen: Definately finishing. Like, our last shot was umm. I felt like I might not be able to stand up anymore, and uh…it was like such a sort of…I don’t know, like charged moment when the movie all came….when the movie was finished. I didn’t want, I mean it was I didn’t believe it was done. It was like, no no no, we can’t go home because then we won’t get a chance to get everything else. It just, it felt, it didn’t feel right, but at the same time it felt like… So great for having a sense of accomplishment.

Rob: It’ the set as well in terms of the town square. The first site of that, it just it’s so bizarrely and eerily similar to how I pictured it from the book and from the script, and that was kind of astonishing as well, that was a good moment.

Q: My question, well first of all, one of my legs is shorter than the other too, but my question for all of you is what are you most looking forward to in the upcoming films?

Ashley: Umm, I mean I’m one, very excited to be able to work with David Slade, I think he’s going to be really fun to work with, but umm, I’m really excited about this whole intense fight scene we’re supposed to have.

Taylor: I’m excited for the height of the love triangle, and me and this guy (nodding toward Rob) have to try and become friends to protect Bella. The sleeping bag scene! The sleeping bag scene!

Kristen: I can’t wait to actually get pregnant.

Rob: I actually think being involved in the cesarean would be…(laughs) I just can’t wait! (Laughs)

Q: I’m wondering what it’s like working with a different director with the same character and what the difference between the directors were.

Chris: Feel free to just say anything you like. Don’t worry about my big ears. …

Rob: It’s…. I mean I was a supporting role in this one, so I liked it because it was kind of relaxed to begin with and Chris is a very peaceful, well seemingly peaceful person so it was just very smooth sailing and everyone kind of knew what they were doing. Well I sort of knew what I was doing in this one, more than the last one. So, yeah, it was a good experience. But these two probably know more about …(points and Taylor)

Panelist: What did your shirt say, that you wore all the time?

Kristen: Keep calm and carry on.

Taylor: Yeah that was Chris, he’s so calm and he keeps the set so relaxed and we’re just having a blast doing what we love to do and we’re looking at the results and just, I know I was sitting back, wondering how he’s doing this while we’re all, just, having a great time on set and we’re not stressing at all, because he keeps the set that way.

(Crowd screams “I love you Taylor)

Kristen: Me too (points at Taylor)

Kristen: Chris is sort of the perfect guy to have done this. In the first one, Catherine was like, I don’t know she really, everything was very impulsive and natural and umm like fast, I mean impulsive is like the best word to describe it, it just felt like we didn’t have to think of anything, we just sort of went for it. And in this case it was a little bit more, we had more time to think, it was a bit more cerebral and considering what I had to go through in the movie, he’s one of the most compassionate (points to Chris) I mean, the most considerate guy I’ve ever met in my life. So like, me, it’s so easy, geez.

Ashley: I think it’s pretty much unanimous that we all, absolutely, absolutely hate him. No. We all love him, he was so great. Everything was, you know, kind of, he was really considerate of us and it was really great. And again in the first one Catherine was good as well but it was alot more, increasing nervous energy. Yeah it was just all, nothing, there was no rhyme or reason we just kind of did it.

Kristen: Which is why I liked the first one so much, but this is a different storyline.

Q: Hello, I got a question for the director, I’m assuming you guys got a lot of action in this movie and I’m just wondering were there any difficulties performing certain stunts or like if anybody got injured, slightly or something?

Chris: (laughs) There were several injuries, Kristen went down with a sprained ankle at one point. No deaths, I’m very proud of that. I’m maintaining a long standing record of not killing anyone on my films and yeah there’s a CGI element to this film and an action element to this film that are more intense than in the first movie. It was stuff that I had done before and really it’s about hiring the best people who know more than I do about it, frankly. So it’s not like I’m an impresario of action or CG, I just happen to know people who are good at it. I wish I could tell you a more exciting stories of horrible injuries. I will tell you that Taylor did every single stunt that he could possibly get his hands on.

(Crowd cheers)

Chris: Every stunt except the ones the insurance company said he wasn’t allowed to do. So really, if Jacob is doing something dangerous or impressive in the film it’s pretty much Taylor doing it and Rob just sort of stood there looking good, really.

Q: Hi guys, my name is Bailey and the first comment is for Ashley, Cheese Its. The question I wanted to ask was, how was it working with the rest of the cast, like from the Volturi and stuff like that?

Ashley: It was so much fun, you know, the cast in the original Twilight was great and we all get along you know. So it’s really, really fun to go to work every day and then, yeah, there was a couple of new kids that came in, all of which were very talented actors and actually all of us really got along which I think is kind of unheard of for such a huge young cast. So, it was really fun and you know, I’ve learned a lot from working with a lot of different people.

Q: Hi, my name is Anthony. My question is Taylor. I was just wondering, dude can you teach me how you worked out and stuff you know, because I want to, you know, get buff for my girl and these love handles ain’t working bro.

Taylor: Um, well, obviously getting into the gym and finding a personal trainer to help me. Um, but the thing that I’ve found is originally just because I was getting to the gym and starting to eat a lot, I put on some weight and then, I randomly started losing weight, and I started freaking out. I’m like “where is all this weight I’m supposed to be putting on going?” And, um, what I found was that I was actually over working myself. I was in the gym six to seven days a week, and I was doing, like, two-a-days, um, I was actually burning more calories than I was taking in. So that was my biggest problem. So I actually had to cut things back. Um, whenever I would, like, break a sweat, my trainer would have me stop and relax. Um, Kristen teased me about that on set a lot. Um,

Kristen: Don’t freak out, you might burn a few too many calories! (laughter)

Taylor: But the hardest thing for me was eating. Um, eating constantly, and good foods, but always…

Chris: It helps to eat constantly. You should give a shout out to Jordan, right? Your trainer.

Taylor: Yeah, my trainer Jordan Young, is, uh, he’s really, really talented. He, uh, he helped me a lot with this process and he’s always on set, like, shoving food in my mouth. Literally, I’ll be talking to somebody, and he comes up with a plate! And he wakes me up in the morning, and he’s like “take this protein shake”, and I’ll be like “dude, I’m sleeping!” (laughter) Um, but yeah. I, uh, have a lot of people to thank. (screams)

Q: First I wanted to say Thank You for coming to San Diego Comic-Con. (screams) There are literally thousands of people here that really needed you to come. (laughter) My question is, how much have you guys prospered from everything? Like, does it make you stronger, being Edward Cullen? And this is to everyone, sorry about that.

Rob: Um, (howls from the audience) (audience member yells “you’re sexy!”) Uuuuuh,no, not really. No, I mean, at the end of the day, it’s just a part. You just go into it, and like, you know, your life, you’re walking along the street, as a really bad analogy, you step on, like, a little stone, and it just kind of flies away and you have no idea where it’s going. And then you kind of…are maybe just trying not to drown afterwards. And that’s, uh, yeah. That’s my life. (Rob laughs) See, that was really terrible.

Chris: That was a really bizarre analogy…(Rob laughs harder)

Rob: See, it doesn’t really make any sense.

Chris: I’d actually like to add, though I’m sure you much rather hear from the actors, but I would like to say just one thing. Which is that, the last film that I made was re-cut by the studio, uh, and my, my, uh, experience with it ended up being quite a terrible one. And this has been entirely different for both dealing with Summit, and, and dealing with this young cast (screams), um, as much as, uh, you know, they’ve said some very kind things about me, uh, which I told them to (laughter). But, um, uh, it’s been a tremendously rejuvenating process for me. I now remember , uh, how much fun it can be to make a film, and that really comes from the people that you work with.

(clapping and cheers from the audience)

Panelist: Ok, let’s do one more quick question, and then I have to cut it off. So one more quick, quick question.

Q: My question is for Taylor. Um, I’m 1/8 Quilute, and 1/8 Cherokee Indian, so you playing a Native American, have you learned anything about them, or their cultures, or any of their traditions?

Taylor: Um, yes.  For Twilight, I actually had the opportunity to have some Quilute Indians come to Portland, and I actually had the opportunity to have dinner with them, and talk with them. Them main thing I was focusing on is that I wanted to learn more about the Quilute kids my age, and what they liked to do in their free time. And I was expecting something really different, and I was expecting to have to change myself, you know, to be able to do that. But I asked this kid, who looked around my age, I was like “so what do you do in your free time? What
do you do for fun?” And he was like “Uh, you know, I play basketball, I go to the beach.” And I was like “what do you do at the beach? Throw the football around?” And he goes “No, I check out girls.” (laughter) He was really funny! So, the interesting thing that I learned is that they’re JUST like me. They do the same things I do. (puzzled expression) Soo that’s that. (karate chop motion) Um, so yeah. It was awesome to have the opportunity to meet with them, and learn more about their legends and stuff. And, uh, it was really great. I’m really thankful that they came down to Portland from Forks.

Chris: Taylor, uh, actually speaks some Quilute in New Moon. It’s true.

Taylor: It’s true. I do get to say a Quilute line. I’m excited for you guys to hear it!

(audience members shouting for Taylor to say the line)

Chris: You’ll have to wait. It’s very important

Panelist: Before we wrap things up here, I, I do want to ask one more question to the whole panel, maybe Chris, we can start with you and work our way down. Um, I was just wondering if you could each kind of touch upon the increase in the size and scope of New Moon, over the first movie.

Chris: Umm, well one thing that I think was really important approaching this movie, was to uh, to notice that it’s strengths lay in the intimate uh, emotional relationships between the characters and not to let things get out of hand, and to still know that it was a story about people. Um, even if they are vampires or werewolves, they’re still people. Uh, and so, but the book expands massively from Bella’s small world in Forks, to Italy and the world of the Volturi, to the world of the werewolves in the forest. The key thing was to keep all that coherent and faithful to the book, and to really try to make something grand and beautiful out of this book.

Panelist: Rob…

Rob: Yeah, I mean it’s…it was different doing this because of the aesthetic, which Chris shows and so with that…I mean I have always found with Edward, I mean…you know his whole character is obviously about restraint and so, I always found it quite difficult of how to incorporate movement to allow how to move as the character, and so it’s really…it was…In New Moon it felt like, uh, a lot of the shots seemed to be set up so I can have as little movement as possible, and that actually really helped. It is, I didn’t have to drive, it was always camera movements that, that um, drove scenes. So I just look like I’m a machine, the cameras did everything.

Chris: You just wanted to expend as little energy as possible, as it’s supposed to look.

Rob: Taylor can do all the energy of moving around and stuff, I can just stand there, literally every scene.

Chris: Ah, but you had a good fight scene, it was a very good fight scene.

Rob: Oh yeah, but….

Panelist: Oh no Rob, I’m sorry go ahead, go ahead

Rob: Yeah I know, I mean also with the…because the difference with Catherine and Chris, the way Catherines aesthetic and Chris’s aesthetic changes. Catherine was much, she used a lot of zoom and stuff. There was a lot more handheld and it’s quite difficult to look uh, like graceful um, when you’re doing that, and then this is a lot more flowing camera movements and stuff so you can see kind of it’s a dance with the cameras so even that the fight scene at the end, which I do, it seems its all about…its almost kind of balletic. So, it kind of felt more, right, I think.

Panelist: Taylor?

Taylor: What was the original question?

Panelist: If you could just talk a little bit about the increased size and scope of this film over Twilight.

Taylor: Umm, oh, sorry. I think, I mean when we were making Twilight, we really, we knew what we were making, but we didn’t know the reaction we were gonna get from you guys. Umm, so we were really thankful over the past year from what you guys have done, and going into New Moon we know what we’re doing, we know you guys are all behind us supporting us. So, I think we were more confident, because we know we have you behind us, and uh, but I mean, I’d be lieing if I say you know, I’ve never gotten nervous, because of course, we all want to please you and make sure that we live up to your expectations. Thank you. So yeah, I mean we had a great time, we had a great time during New Moon, so it was awesome to reunite with the team, be back with the cast and Chris was phenomenal so, I’m really pleased with the experience.

Panelist: Kristen?

Kristen: Umm, I think for this one, I… she gets…I don’t think you really get to know yourself unless you get to a point that is as low as she gets in this, and she’s so sort of righteous. In the first one, in terms of what she wants, and everything like that. Umm, I feel like now you actually believe that she know what she wants. It also, like I feel like in the third one she’s actually sort of content and happy and they can sort of, she can sort of rest a little bit more easy, and this one was…on a larger scale for me, just because it was…I mean it was like, I mean I played an insane person. Umm, so yeah, yeah.

Panelist: Ashley?

Ashley: Yeah, in this one I think umm, I was…I was a lot more comfortable in my skin and it was nice to be able to go into it, and uh, and not be thinking about trying to make myself not be nervous the whole time, and you know in this one, the relationship between Bella and Alice kind of shows itself more. So, it was a lot of fun. You know, I think umm, the other thing is yeah, we do have the fans behind us, and umm. The first one we were so nervous we jumped and and didn’t know what to expect and what you guys wanted and if you were going to accept us, and I think in the second one I had a lot more confidence because the fans. You guys have been…really embraced us and been so great and so gracious and so, it was just a really great experience.

Panelist: Well thank you guys so much for coming out here today. Chris, I think…Do you have anything else you want to tell all the audience?

Chris: Umm, there is another scene which we (screams drown im out). This was a…I don’t know…or not, but uhh, there’s a moment toward the end of the book. Well, actually about 3/4 of the way through the book, where Alice and Bella are racing to save Edward. And this is actually the first time this footage has been seen, by anyone outside of the editing room actually.

(clip cut out)

Panelist: The film opens everywhere on November 20th and you can get more info at . Thank you for coming out to the Summit Entertainment panel, we appreciate it.

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  4. Great Job.Great Questions

  5. great job!

    but i could swear i watched another clip off of Youtube. someone asked them what aspects of themselves they brought to their characters, and i recall it because, well, Rob’s answer. he asks Chris like, what do you think, and Chris says that Rob has really cold skin, and it feels like marble, and Rob glows like a diamond in the sun. Rob laughs and says that he sort of looks like Edward, in the film. someone screams “you’re gorgeous,” and he looks so shy it’s adorable. he looks down like, um whatever. LOL


    at about 3:40 in this vid is another woman asking a question and i didn’t see it up there. she sings to them briefly and then says their characters are selfish, and wants to know what part of themselves they had to bring out to play the characters.

  7. this is when the Dracula guy showed up! LOL

    • Thank you for noticing! I had already done that part, we were just rushing so fast to post that I didn’t notice I hadn’t added it. It is added now though 🙂 Glad you caught it! It was a funny part too.

      • oh ok! LOL i thought it was hilarious. that’s why i noticed it missing. and i thought Rob was so adorable when someone called him gorgeous. he looked like he wanted to crawl under the table.

        thank you for posting this! you guys rock!

  8. Wow. Thank you guys! (:

  9. thanks for all that hard work!! i’m wondering whether during the question to the cast about working with Chris, when he says “feel free to answer, etc.”, if he said “don’t worry about my being here,” not my big ears? am i being too nitpicky 😉 ? thanks again — so much fun to read!

  10. Amazing u guys!!!! Thanks so much 🙂 I think when Kristen was asked about would she ride a motorcycle she said “yeah I don’t think so” or something along the lines of no. Also when the question was about how u r like your character, Kristen mentioned how Bella feels what she feels and doesn’t explain herself to anyone. The “especially to him” looked to me like she was pointing at Rob signifying Edward. Her comment makes more sense if she pointed to Edward instead of Jacob IMO.
    Thanks again!!!!

    • she said “yea, no” and awkwardly smiled when asked about riding a motorcycle

      & thanks for this!! so happy to be able to read it all at once unlike other sites where it’s all choppy and inaccurate!

  11. Wow P. That was dedication! Thanks so much for doing that, I really enjoyed it!

    • I didn’t do it all by myself. JustKG and JustChristy did it all with me. The 3 of us worked non-stop for 4 hours I think 🙂 It was worth it in the end though.

  12. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Your site is a great resource!

  13. Thanks. Now I understand every word they say. English is not my first language so it’s really hard to hear every word in all those screamings.

  14. Thanks. Now I understand every word they say. English is not my first language so it’s really hard to hear every word in all those screams.

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  16. hey P nice work on the transcript!! thanks for all your hard work so lazy hos like me can read it! XOXOXO

  17. I really appreciate all the hard work transcribing this. Well done.

  18. so i just want to ask,,because I’m not really good in english expression cuz I’m from Indonesia, I want you to explain about the question of rob will do open mic,,, what is open mic, and cutting the records like he said, and the line of don’t record his song.
    So I just want you to explain to me what the words mean?

    thank you a lot about the transcript it makes me easier to know what the cast talked.
    It’s really good..

    ouyah I want know,,did you have the video of panel session,,in the last part, I just have 4 part which just ended when the question is “Q: Hi, my name is Anthony. My question is Taylor. I was just wondering, dude can you teach me how you worked out and stuff you know, because I want to, you know, get buff for my girl and these love handles ain’t working bro.” and I don’t get the video after that,,,could you put a link if you can? thank you a LOT!!

  19. so i just want to ask,,because I’m not really good in english expression cuz I’m from Indonesia, I want you to explain about the question of rob will do open mic,,, what is open mic, and cutting the records like he said, and the line of don’t record his song.
    So I just want you to explain to me what the words mean?

    thank you a lot about the transcript it makes me easier to know what the cast talked.
    It’s really good..

    ouyah I want know,,did you have the video of panel session,,in the last part, I just have 4 part which just ended when the question is “Q: Hi, my name is Anthony. My question is Taylor. I was just wondering, dude can you teach me how you worked out and stuff you know, because I want to, you know, get buff for my girl and these love handles ain’t working bro.” and I don’t get the video after that,,,could you put a link if you can? thank you a LOT!!

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  21. I love this. This is great. It is a hoot. Thanks Bobby Gee

  22. Thankyou so much for putting this on here, really thankyou!
    I just so wish i could have been there, it sounds awesome 🙂
    Hope that everyone that went had a great time!
    The clips from new moon look amazing and i’m sure the film will be incredible too 🙂

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  24. hi!
    nice to meet you
    I come from Taiwan

  25. Thank you for the transcription, I’m italian so I really appreciate it.
    When K says “especially (to) him”, she points definitely at Rob (and it’s very clear in this video, at 3:47).

  26. THANKS A LOT FOR THIS…i had little trouble hearing wht they were saying…but this helps alot..!!
    so again…THANKS A LOT…

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