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Video – Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin Filmin Remember Me – June 16   Leave a comment


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Kevin Smith’s Thoughts on Twilight-Hilarious!   7 comments

Body Language Expert weighs in on pics of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart from Comic-Con   2 comments

This is hilarious! Read it 🙂


TDD: Robert pretends not to care as his ONE TRUE LOVE, Kristen, leans in to his rival, the Buff Werewolf. His arms are crossed: He’s Pissed. But also protecting himself. His heart. New Moon swoon! His shoulders lean away from Kristen, because he’s angry that she is hurting him. But his hips remain close — magnetically attracted to her. Kristen nonchalantly looks out and away from Robert, avoiding eye contact. She’s sort of giving him the finger, and giggling about it. The girl just doesn’t give a fuck. She bares her tattooed belly and has her sunglasses ready, in case she needs to split. Meanwhile, the Buff Werewolf keeps his hands near his fly, indicating that he’s prepared to have intercourse with her at a moment’s notice.

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Video – New Moon – Sneak Peek trailer #1 – Much better quality!   Leave a comment


Video – New Moon – Sneak Peek trailer #2 – Much better quality!   2 comments

Here’s the second New Moon trailer that was shown at Comic Con. Much better quality than the ones that are already out there. Enjoy!

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