Robert Pattinson in People Magazine -Bullshit edition   9 comments

Here are the scans from People Magazine. People Magazine has joined the bullshit bandwagon.



Goz has a few more magazine covers on her blog. Check them out


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9 responses to “Robert Pattinson in People Magazine -Bullshit edition

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  1. OMG FP..OMG..

    What a load of Bull crap…FP…


    WTF is wrong with these people ???

    Can’t a man and woman just be friends anymore ? And Emilie. Poor Emilie she is in the middle of a divorce…WTF type of crap is this FP ? WTF ??

    And Kristen…she is just 19…Poor, Poor Kstew with the pregnancy crap !!!

    As for Rob no one says he is an angel. He is a healthy 23 year old guy. But to make him seem like a man whore…WTF ? WTF ? WTF ???

    Where is the time ? He is working like a dog and where the F*ck are the goddamn pictures ? Why the f*ck are there NO PICTURES ???

    I am sure someone is willing to pay a lot of money of candid pictures of Emilie and Rob hanging out 6 days a week….Well, they should because they freaking work together…

    This is just BS…BS….BS….

    It makes me mad and sad…And PEOPLE magazine…FP…Holy F*cking People Magazine ?? How could they FP ? How could they ?

    Made me a believer
  2. Isn’t it the WORST? I WAS going to buy this issue…until I saw what the article was about. C’mon PEOPLE…don’t you have better things to do than debase Rob?

  3. I bought it, read it in 2 minutes, and immediately fired off a letter to People. Hope I wasn’t the only one.

    What a wasted opportunity of a cover story. I guess they need the $$$. I really thought People was above this kind of crap.

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