A fan’s account of seeing Robert Pattinson at Marcus Foster’s show last night – with pic – 07/08/2009

A fan was kind enough to send us her pic of Rob as well as her recap of the evening. Here is her story and her pic!


Sooo I wasn’t gonna send you guys this because I was ashamed of my inability to take a good pic but since fakerparis posted someone else’s back shot, I figured I wouldn’t get laughed at too bad LOL. The other sad thing is I couldn’t even take the pic. It’s my camera but my best friend took it. I was frozen and couldn’t move so she took charge. She’s not a Rob Mega-fan like I am but she is my best friend and was ready to help me since I was a moron. We both knew when he came in, I was very close to the door and in my peripheral i saw girls heads turn towards the door but I kept looking straight (moron, remember). My bf looked too and said, “I really think he just came in.” She’d recognized his jaw from the pics I’ve shown her lol. So I remained frozen and tried to focus on the show even tho he was five feet from me behind a curtain. I knew we could have left and waited outside to get a shot but I felt it was disrespectful to Marcus and Rob…I was trying to maintain a level of civility but honestly I bet I wasn’t that humane and knew I just physically couldn’t move from my spot. My feet were glued to the floor. At the end of Marcus’ set, Rob and Co. were still there. The venue tried to protect them by pulling the curtain further out to obscure the view. My bf said, “let’s go” but i couldn’t move so she left me (wisely) to try and get me a shot. I watched her shift towards the wall near the door they’d exit at. The curtain wouldn’t reach the door so the venue folks would have to drop it at some point to let them out. Once the curtain dropped my bf snapped and the result is what I attached. She beat herself up saying, “I coulda gotten you better! I should have gone outside!” but I assured her, for our first time out to an event linked to Rob, we (she) did pretty great. I also showed her some blog posts so she’d know that his shirt and hat were famous (LOL) and I was extremely happy with the pic. And while I’m a jaw girl, I let her know she got some pretty good fingerporn in the pic too LOL.

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