Videos: Robert Pattinson at the Teen Choice Awards – 09/08/2009   1 comment

I’ll be posting more vids here as I find them

Thanks to BritneyRocks25 for some of these!

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One response to “Videos: Robert Pattinson at the Teen Choice Awards – 09/08/2009

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  1. This had to be the worst awards show ever. I would be totally embarrassed if I was a teenager. After reading all the comments about how Twilight won 11 awards I was really looking forward to watching this last night.

    It took almost an hour into the show before I even got a glimpse of Rob in the audience. The big hoopla over the Twilight presentation turned out to be a joke. It was so edited there was barely anything left to see. 11 awards?? Did they actually present them Sunday night and they just cut them out for Monday’s telecast?? Only Ashley, Taylor, and Rob got to go up for their awards and then at about 9:45 the Twilight cast.

    It was painful to watch. I can’t believe I was stressing over the chance I might not be able to see it as we lost our internet & cable yesterday.

    And that first video posted above of Kellan, Rob, and Jackson – well that’s just painful to watch. I don’t know how they do it.

    And on that note, time to take a look at all the pictures. Thanks for posting them. I have a lot of catching up to do.

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