14 Second exclusive New Moon trailer tease   15 comments


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15 responses to “14 Second exclusive New Moon trailer tease

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  1. KStew looks great.

  2. i really want to like kstew, but her complete lack of emotion during what should be heartbreaking moments is making it really difficult.

  3. It’s just me or you too feel worst after see this? It’s painful to have to see just a little seconds instead of a full trailer. I can’t wait until November!!!!!!

  4. Well boo on that. Am I gonna gave to go pay $10 to see the trailer before Bandslam? Dammit.

    • Most likely it’s the exact reason why they gave out this 14 second teaser. So they’d make money off of you going to see a movie you don’t want to see just for the trailer.

      • And the Bandslam movie really gotta suck to pimp so hard that the trailer for NM will be shown before it….that doesn’t bode well for the Bandslam movie at all, sneaky by Summit but one way to make sure that Bandslam atleast make some money to cover their expenses at the very least lol!

  5. I’m also trying to like KStew as Bella. I don’t know, I have mixed feelings. When I first saw Twilight I didn’t mind her; I guess because I was all caught up in the whole story and I did see her as Bella. But then as I got to see her in some interviews and such, I wasn;t so sure. Now, after observing her for almost a year and the whole Robsten thing, I’m not feeling her so much as Bella. Maybe its just because I’m not liking her being with Rob (if that is true). Maybe when I see her in New Moon, I’ll change my mind again, Who knows??

    But only 14 seconds for a sneak peek is really lame.

    Lynda from philly
  6. 14 SECONDS?!?!?!??! That’s hardly a peek… I know not your fault, but Summit’s. They love to torture us don’t they?

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