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Robert Pattinson on the cover of Premiere Mag. I guess we know where the unknown photoshoot pics come from now.


Translation done by me 🙂 Sorry for the watermark right through it but I’m not taking any chances after what happened last time. I did not translate word for word so if you use it without sourcing I will know it’s mine. Sorry I have to be so ruthless but last time didn’t go over very well.

Sans titre2

Le prochain numéro du magazine “PREMIERE”, qui sort mercredi prochain en kiosque, va faire plaisir aux fans de Robert Pattinson et de TWILIGHT!

Au sommaire de ce numéro très spécial:  une interview exclusive de Robert Pattinson et un reportage sur le tournage de TWILIGHT 2 !

 Grâce au succès planétaire de l’adaptation de TWILIGHT, il est devenu un phénomène ambulant. PREMIERE le suit depuis ses débuts et l’a rencontré cet été en exclusivité sur le tournage de TENTATION, le deuxième volet de la saga, au sein de la cité médiévale de Montepulciano en Italie.

L’occasion pour Robert Pattinson de faire le point avec humour et lucidité sur sa soudaine notoriété (de son propre aveu, les plateaux de cinéma sont aujourd’hui les seuls lieux où il peut avoir une vie privée…) et ses projets après TWILIGHT.

A découvrir notamment six pages de reportage exclusif et d’images inédites au coeur d’un plateau cerné par des milliers de fans !


Source Thanks KStewartNews for the tip

38 responses to “This is the magazine you’re waiting for – Premiere

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  1. Holy Shit!!
    is all I can say…

  2. OK, when does this hit newstands?

  3. Oh mY…Now where can we get this..FP?

  4. He looks so sexy saying: I’m here ready to be filthy with you! haha Yes please where can we find this? haha Maybe they get an english version!?

  5. UUUUGHH!!!!!! *thud*

  6. Oh My Gawd!!!!!

  7. Good Lord, the man takes my breath away.

    I don’t care if it’s not in English since they all typically say the same thing anyway. I just want the pics. LOL

    Is this a mag available in the US?

  8. Of course he looks ridiculously hot!! Geeeezz… i just kind of wish he didnt look mad, i think just cuz i saw way too much of that on remember me set but anyways, he still looks sexy

  9. Nice 🙂
    Well, I think u can get it at the airport, at least in Europe as I assume, its from France.
    What a shame I don’t speak french, but just looking at those pics is worth buying it

  10. I searched and it is no longer printed in the US. Only in Spain, Poland and France. :o(

  11. NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I NEED THIS!!! Come on, they have GOT to print this shit in the US for this issue!!!! Do they KNOW how much profit they would make?????

  12. Oh noes! u translated and now i’m scared. *biting nails*

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  14. Anyone know if we can get it in Australia???

  15. I bet you can buy it at Barnes and Noble – I am originally from the Ireland and now live in the US and whenever I want Magazines from home I typically get them there. They are usually a little bit pricier and are a week or so behind but they always have them 🙂 Cannot wait to see the pics in print!

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  17. O.M.G!! Can this man get any more GORGEOUS then he already is? YUP i guess so…sigh. I hope they sell them in Canada

  18. “(he said that movie sets are now the only place where he can have a private life…)”

    WOW…I’m speechless!

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  20. I called here. I can get the magazine in Quebec but a month later. Fuck…

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  23. THANK YOU for the translation! (I was hoping the last time didn’t scare you away from doing that again.)

    Gah! BatRob is so hot! Now if I can only find that magazine…

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  26. Hoping to see scans of the pictures soon. 🙂

  27. wow! i wonder if that smokin hot mysterious photoshoot was for this magazine.. it deffiantely looks like it 😀

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  30. holy shit. i want it. NOW. lolz
    that cute pic spam, i wonder where they came from ? i want something new with pattinson. he was 6 months not doing any new interview. i want this magazine.

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