Tweets from the New Moon Press Conference in LA – Part 1 – 06/11/2009   6 comments


We’ve put together the tweets from the New Moon Press Conference in LA today. We’re making this into two parts the first part is the entire cast. We’ll be making another post with Rob’s part of the conference, he comes on last.

Here is the first part:

@celebuzz Kristen is up first today. Then Cullens, Volturi, Wolfpack, Taylor, and finally Rob! #NewMoon

@taryder K – Says tabloids are like shows w/ false realism. Doesn’t bother her and she doesn’t take it personally

@celebuzz K: whole rumor/tabloid stuff –its so obviously false 2 me evn b4 I became part of it, so once I was star of it, its like a show

@HitFixDaniel “Bryce is scary. She’s really oddly sweet as well.” – K-Stewart on Bryce Dallas Howard’s Victoria.

@celebuzz KStew on Taylor:Even seeing him walk around on set was a different experience. Hes become different person. Hes really grown up

@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen said shooting the break up scene was very difficult.

More after the jump!

@hollyoutbreak Kirsten Stewart: in Brazil this guy was chasingv after us. One guy kept screaming where is robert?

@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart sometime fans have have problems seperating them from their charachters

@celebuzz Kristen says one of the coolest moments she ever had when she finished filming New Moon – because it was so moving to her.

@celebuzz Kristen: I think Bella is a good character 4 girls 2 look up 2. #newmoon

@hollyoutbreak Kristen Stewart: what I love of eclipse is different level of love. Bella is honest. Loved playing w/Jacob & edward all 3

@HitFixDaniel “He really loves the project at well. He wasn’t just jumping on the next big thing.” – K-Stew on Chris Weitz…

@HitFixDaniel “I know. Trust me. I feel you completely.” – K-Stew to a reporter asking how Bella *wouldn’t* choose Taylor-Jacob.

@HitFixDaniel “I know I’m using this grammatically incorrect, but he’s the funnest guy I’ve ever hung out with.” – K-Stew on Taylor

@HitFixDaniel “The fact that this is so important to so many people makes me so happy.” – K-Stew. *Much* more at-ease today.

@HitFixDaniel “I totally understand why people have a hard time separating ourselves from our characters.” – K-Stew re R-Pattz

@HitFixDaniel “I’m very protective of her. I feel a shared ownership. It’s weird. ” K-Stew on her relationship w/Bella

@HitFixDaniel “I don’t know” – K-Stew on a start date for “Breaking Dawn” and whether it will or won’t be two movies.

@celebuzz K – I can’t wait to do a fourth one.

@jenyamato Kristen says Eclipse’s tent scene has her lying literally between Edward and Jacob

@celebuzz KStew -I really feel like if you feel like you need to do something then you need to do it. And by it I mean anything. #newmoon

@celebuzz KStew: Be extreme. Go for it. I think thats point. I know this is a movie about immortality & mortality, but you only live once

@elguapo1: #newmoon Kristen says it’s ok to try anything girls. Just admit if you make a mistake. Worldy advice.

@celebuzz Ashley Greene just asked Kellan Lutz if he wants to sit on her lap. Haha.

celebuzz I think this time we were a little more prepared.And we had the fans behind us.It was much more fun relaxed experience. N. Reed

@celebuzz Ashley Greene herself did all of the crazy driving that Alice does between Forks and Italy to save Edward.

@celebuzz Nikki thinks Rosalie and Esme tear apart mountain lions together at night (when they aren’t sleeping). #newmoon

@celebuzz Nikki says theres no mystery anymore about actors. She wouldn’t mind slipping under the radar, but casting depends on exposure.

@celebuzz Kellan Lutz on getting pale makeup: I didn’t go to the beach that much so I probably saved an hour in the chair.

@celebuzz Kellan is obsessed with candy and animals. He went on a safari in Africa and says he can’t go back to a zoo.

@HitFixDaniel “I know what it’s like to be broken up with, but I don’t know what it’s like to be broken up w/by a vampire.”K-Stew

@HitFixDaniel “I totally understand why people have a hard time separating ourselves from our characters.” – K-Stew re R-Pattz

@celebuzz: What do u wish ur character could do? Kel: Stunts Elizabeth: Have sex Nikki: Smile Ash: My character does lots of cool stuff

@HitFixDaniel Dakota Fanning enjoyed playing an evil character. Which is odd, because I’ve thought *all* her characters were evil.

@HitFixDaniel “I woudn’t say we’re evil necessarily. We’re the government. Not everybody likes the government.” – Jamie Campbell Bower

@HitFixDaniel “In real life I would like to have the power to look like I’m three centimeters to the right of where I actually am.” – Michael Sheen

@HitFixDaniel “For me, at least, that’s one of the goals as an actor, to have an action figure with a pull-string.” -Cameron Bright

@HitFixDaniel “I lose days with my Lucien figure and my Aro figure just fighting… And then they have tea parties.” -Sheen

@celebuzz : Michael Sheen’s daighter has Twilight and New Moon posters all over her bedroom. He says she put one pic up of him out of pity. LOL

@celebuzz : Dakotta is the only Volturi actor who actually got to film in Italy. The rest of the filming was actually in Vancouver!

@HitFixDaniel “Do you know Rob Pattinson?” – The unanimous question the other Cullens are sick of answering.

@celebuzz If Dakota could have any super power she would want to read peoples minds. Jamie CB would fly. Cameron would want every power.

@celebuzz Melissa on Taylor:I wish I could take credit 4when Jake takes his shirt off,theyre n the book,& it seemed unwise2 takethem out.

@HitFixDaniel : It made sense to be unashamed of the emotionality of the piece. -Weitz.

@HitFixDaniel They cant afford t-shirts given the amount of time they turn into wolves and their shirts burst – Weitz on the Wolfpack

@HitFixDaniel: “You don’t want too much Edward, because you lose the really important sense of missing him.” – Weitz

@celebuzz I think the crucial difference b/t the book and the film is that when Bella hallucinates Edward she also sees him. – Chris Weitz #newmoon

@HitFixDaniel That was a brief possibility, but I was always convinced that he was going to be able to do it. -Weitz on recasting Taylor

@celebuzz Chris Weitz says the way Edward looks during the hallucinations is like a candle flickering. – #newmoon

@celebuzz Chris Weitz on Soundtrack: I generally think its been one of the best soundtrack albums ever created. #newmoon

@HitFixDaniel “I hate slo-mo. Normally. But…” -Weitz. There’s a *lot* of slo-mo in “New Moon.”

@Twilight From Ashley Greene – at the press junket. I’m so excited to see everyone back from New Moon.

@answerbitch #newmoonLooks like the Wolf Pack is up next. Lets hope for some shirtlessness and … dammit. Theyre all clothed. #newmoon

@celebuzz Alex Meraz – We had about 4 months of training. It’s hard.

@celebuzz These boys are all playing off each other -they really r like brothers. Hard to catch a quote. Chaske is def the leader onscreen and off. 🙂

@celebuzz Alex Meraz – Its time for us to change Hollywoods take on Native Americans.

@celebuzz: Alex Meraz – As representatives for Native Americans in this frachise we have responsibility not to be a bad image. #newmoon

@celebuzz Chaske Spencer on the wolfpack: We’re like a rockband. #newmoon

@celebuzz: The wolves listened to a lot of Beastie Boys and 50 Cent while they worked out together.

@celebuzz They are thinking about getting the actual Quileute wolfpack tattoo together!

@celebbuzz The wolves haven’t seen the film yet, they wanted to wait until it was done with the soundtrack added and everything.

@celebuzz Alex Meraz on being shirtless – It’s like a costume. You wear it, you don it, you own it.

@celebuzz While the Cullens are lightened, the wolfpack is actually bronzed and made darker for the film. #newmoon

@celebuzz Chaske Spencer on cold outside while filming – You could cut glass with our nipples.

@answerbitch Much talk of nipples at the Wolf Pack conference. They have padded off to dens unknown. Up next: No idea.

@Twilight Hey guys. Crazy junket time. Looking forward to seeing Death Cab tonight. Hope you like the movie. Love Jamie. (Tweet from Jamie Campbell Bower on Summit’s Twitter)

A huge thanks to VanessaRae1 for helping us out with this!

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  3. Hey, that’s me!!! LMAO!

  4. Followed entire time! On behalf of the unfortunate folks that live in the middle of BFE, Anywhere (like me — I live on a tiny little AirForce base — hubby in Afghanistan), I say thank you to everyone who works so hard to get us this info! YOU’RE THE BEST!

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