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Video: Alex Meraz Speaks About Robert Pattinson and the Rumors Surrounding Him   17 comments

Alex Meraz speaks about Robert Pattinson and the rumor surrounding him. It starts at 1:50

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Alex Meraz Mentions Rob in His Recent Interview   1 comment

But despite the fansites, wiki-entries, hype and teen-screamers, Meraz is more than happy to leave the hysteria frontline action to Twilight’s pasty Brit heart throb Robert Pattinson, who plays the 104-year-old Edward Cullen.

“Rob’s much better at it than I am,” says Meraz. “While it’s all very flattering, it’s not something that I’d like to experience every day.”

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Tweets from the New Moon Press Conference in LA – Part 1 – 06/11/2009   6 comments


We’ve put together the tweets from the New Moon Press Conference in LA today. We’re making this into two parts the first part is the entire cast. We’ll be making another post with Rob’s part of the conference, he comes on last.

Here is the first part:

@celebuzz Kristen is up first today. Then Cullens, Volturi, Wolfpack, Taylor, and finally Rob! #NewMoon

@taryder K – Says tabloids are like shows w/ false realism. Doesn’t bother her and she doesn’t take it personally

@celebuzz K: whole rumor/tabloid stuff –its so obviously false 2 me evn b4 I became part of it, so once I was star of it, its like a show

@HitFixDaniel “Bryce is scary. She’s really oddly sweet as well.” – K-Stewart on Bryce Dallas Howard’s Victoria.

@celebuzz KStew on Taylor:Even seeing him walk around on set was a different experience. Hes become different person. Hes really grown up

@elguapo1 #newmoon Kristen said shooting the break up scene was very difficult.

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Video: Alex Meraz speaks about Robert Pattinson   2 comments

Thanks to ROBsessed for the tip! Thanks, also, to Twilight Britney Fan’s youtube channel!